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Photographs: Pradeep Mandhani

'Cricket is more important than politics'

Aavishkar Salvi, 22, plays cricket for Ranji Trophy champions Mumbai and is a strong contender for a permanent place in the India side. He spoke to Ashish Magotra.

What is your take on politicians?

I am not interested in politics at all. They can do a better job, but they are not doing it. They are busy fighting for their seats in Parliament, but not prepared to do anything for the common man. They give long lectures but do nothing.

Is India shining?

No, I don't see it around me. I do hear about it from my dad and a few others.

What are the two things that you want changed in our country?

Corruption and we need more discipline.

Which party are you rooting for?

I am not a political person. Not really rooting for any party in particular. They have all been good at different times, the Shiv Sena, Congress...


Celebrity Speak

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