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'Man, look at the stockmarkets performing!'

Zayed Khan, 25, plays the second lead in Main Hoon Na, which releases on April 30. The actor -- Sanjay Khan's son, Hrithik Roshan's brother-in-law and Fardeen Khan's cousin -- shared his thoughts on Election 2004 with Vivek Fernandes.

What is your take on politicians?

I am very apolitical and I am for any politician or political party that wants India to progress. I see by their actions whether they deserve my vote or not. At this point of time it would be wrong to say that I have any political ideologies or views.

Do you think India is shining?

Yes, it is.

Why do you say so?

I say this because of the level of opportunities that people in this country are receiving. I say this because I see many people migrating from foreign lands back to India and that is a good sign in itself... this reversal of 'brain drain.' Man, look at the stock markets performing, it's shooting up like nobody's business.


Celebrity Speak

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