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'Can't expect politicians to do everything'

Craig Gallyut, 22, is a VJ with the popular Southern Spice music television channel. A self-confessed videogame addict and non-stop-talker, he spoke to Shobha Warrier about Election 2004.

Are you going to vote this time?

I have been voting ever since I turned 18. In my school and college there was a lot of emphasis on voting.

How important is it for you to exercise your franchise?

It is very important. A lot of people vote for the sake of voting or just because they have their voter ID, but not me. I will see what the person I am voting for is going to do for the region and the country. Of course, nowadays more and more people are becoming aware of their responsibilities as voters.

When you think of politics, what is the image that comes to your mind?

A lot of people say it is dirty, it is the most corrupt field you can get into, etc. I was also one of those who thought that way. But when I went to Delhi to do a month-long research for my channel on politicians and those in power, my opinion on politicians and politics changed. I found them very learned, very smart and very sharp. They know what's right and what's wrong.

Unfortunately, 90 percent of Indians do not understand that you can get a better country if you stop looking at politicians as bad. You can't expect the politicians to do all the work for you. As citizens, we have to take a lot more interest in our society. Politicians are there to solve only the major problems.

Do you feel more and more youngsters should join politics?

I feel more youngsters should know about politics and learn about it in the correct way.

Do you admire any politician?

I admire our President [A P J Abdul Kalam]. I know he is not exactly a politician. He is a scientist, a visionary. He is a man of complete class. He is astounding. After he took over as President, we are giving a lot more interest to education. I would say the smartest people in the world are Indians.


Celebrity Speak

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