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April 16, 2004's expert panel and its battery of reporters across the country answer readers' poll queries:

Ashok, Australia
To which party Rajinikant is Supporting

Answer: Rajnikanth has dumped the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam and decided to vote for the National Democratic Alliance led by the BJP. But he has not asked his supporters to also vote for the BJP-led alliance. He has only announced who he will vote for and left his fans to decide on their own, based on local realities, who they should vote for. The only party he wants defeated this time is the Pattali Makkal Katchi, with whose leader S Ramadoss he has been having a running feud for some time now, ever since his last film Baba was released.

S Akhilesh, Bangalore
Will it be correct to prevent regional parties from contesting the LS Polls as this leads to hung assembly?

Answer: The sentiment behind the question is laudable, but unfortunately this cannot be the answer to the problem.

Siddharth Shirali, Mumbai
According to poll, Shiv Sena-BJP alliance is all set to go ahead of Congress-led alliance? is it true?

Answer: According to the opinion polls, yes. Will it actually happen? Wait for the real polls!

Krishan Dutt, Faridabad
Please let me know how my country can get rid of congress? let any party come to power but congress ? oh god save my country from congress.

Answer: God helps those who help themselves.

Atul Agarwal, Delhi
When mr Govindaacharya will shine in politics and will lead the Bharat?

Answer: When Uma Bharti becomes prime minister!

Sumeet, Pune
In all the early opinion polls NDA was given a clear majority, but if we see in the last 10 days or so the advantage has slipped a little bit from NDA. The latest opinion poll by The WEEK magazine puts it at 230-270 seats. What do you think is the reason? Is congress really getting resurgent since the last couple of weeks.

Answer: The reasons could be many, ranging from the kind of campaigns the various parties are running, to the kind of samples the opinion pollsters are choosing. The real position will be known only when the biggest opinion poll takes place, starting April 20. Be sure to cast your vote.

Mohit, Sydney
Pundit ji, can you please help me understand the meaning of the term Secularism (Political Party Style and not the Generally accepted one)!!

Bhaskar Poojari, Mumbai
Why the politicians belonging to parties other than the BJP always say that they are secular? Are they not dividing the community by saying this again and again? I feel they are the most communal minded.

Answer: Vats, the underlying principle of secularism for all parties is the same. Bank on one community -- whether Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, forward, backward, downward, upward, whatever -- that can become your vote bank.

Manoj Khatod, Mumbai
When all devloped countries have one uniform code for their citizens, why political parties oppose Unifided Code of conduct? has any one except BJP has talked abotu this in their manifisto? Why in this country secularsim means apeasing Muslims?

Answer: Perhaps because we are not a developed country yet. On the other hand, why must we do what everyone else does?

Krishna, Bangalore
Am originally from TN, but work in Bangalore for the past 2 years. I do not have a voter id card. Where exactly should I vote? What are the documents that I should posses? Can I vote at all?

Answer: Please consult for the answers to your questions.

Venkata Reddy, Chennai
Why BJP is rising the issue of Ram Temple & foriegn origin even though they said they are going on developement agenda and they are so many problems like poverty etc are still increasing in the country?

Answer: Because BJP, like all other political parties, wants to win the election! They will raise whichever issue they believe will fetch them votes. If that issue is development, they will focus on development. If not, there are the others you just named.

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