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'In Delhi, women are so unsafe'

Gul Panag is a former Miss India-Universe. Now a model, VJ and actress, she made her movie debut in Dhoop. The 27 year old spoke to Ronjita Kulkarni

What is your take on politics?

We don't participate in the voting process even though we are better read than most Indians. People like you and me are constantly worrying about deadlines and don't have time for elections.

Another reason why people like us do not vote is the kind of candidates who contest elections. We have to choose the best from the worst. A lot of these guys have criminal records.

The youth need to come forward and change the tide. The bulk of the Indian population is between the ages 15 and 40 while the people who legislate are above 75!

For example, the legislation that was passed recently banning those under 21 from drinking in pubs... No one bothered to consider public opinion before passing this law. No one bothered to see if such a law would have any effect. It was simply passed by these 75 year olds. Besides, alcohol is such a minor issue. There are other more important ones that concern the youth.

Is India shining?

Depends on what 'shining' is. India will shine if women are able to walk freely without the fear of being raped. In Delhi, the capital of our country, women are so unsafe.

The unemployment rate is so high.

Poverty. Twenty million people live below the poverty line. This is the estimate I got from watching the Big Fight on NDTV (an Indian television news channel). The contribution of various sectors to the GDP is uneven. There is too much inequality of income.

Infrastructure is so bad in India. It took six days to transport my car from Delhi to Mumbai. Six days to cover a little over 1,400km??? That's too much! In other countries, I may have gotten it in 17 hours! The delay is because of bad roads.


Celebrity Speak

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