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Rediff News  All News  » Cricket » Silly Point: Pathan scores with Ms India

Silly Point: Pathan scores with Ms India

Last updated on: March 11, 2011 21:36 IST
Image: Mumbai

Join cameraperson Hitesh Harisinghani and hosts Manu Shankar and Abhishek Mande as Manasvi Mamgai reveals which cricketer makes her sweat... and much more!

From the likes of Sachin Tendulkar to Yusuf Pathan, this beauty reveals her favourite cricketers in the World Cup to Mande, while Manu focuses on Saturday's big clash between India and South Africa.

So, will Dhoni finally bring in Ashwin, or will he still stick with Chawla?

Manu Shankar and Abhishek Mande get talking!

And, of course, famous designer Manish Malhotra lists reasons why India will win the World Cup.

Join the boys on a mad ride as they sledge each other on the show!

If you need to reach Manu and Abhishek, you can log on to or

For all the older episodes of Silly Point log on to

Tell us if you think if Piyush Chawla is the worst Indian bowler in World Cup history! Post your comments below!

Camera and post production: Hitesh Harisinghani