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Granny Wards Rachin Against Evil

November 11, 2023 10:25 IST

Rachin Ravindra


New Zealand all-rounder Rachin Ravindra is the toast of World Cup 2023.

The 23 year old is now the leading run-getter in this World Cup with 565 runs with an average of 70.62, hitting 3 hundreds and two 50s.

Rachin now holds the record for most runs on World Cup debut in the tournament's 48-year old history. On Friday, Rachin won the ICC Men's player of the month award for October 2023.

Rachin, whose father lived in Bengaluru before moving to Kiwiland, visited his grandmother in the city and she performed a ritual to ward him from the evil eye.

A video of the same went viral on social media and received a lot of sweet comments on X.

SEE: Rachin Ravindra's grandmother performs the ritual to ward off the evil eye. Video: X