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Why Virat is grateful for Anushka in his life

Last updated on: July 28, 2020 18:02 IST

Virat Kohli credits wife Anushka Sharma for helping him accept different perspectives

Photograph: Kind courtesy Anushka Sharma/Instagram

Virat Kohli credits wife Anushka Sharma for helping him become more open minded.

'I give her full credit for making me see different sides of things and I am so grateful that she is my life partner," Virat told Mayank Agarwal in the latest episode of Open Nets with Mayank.

'You learn from each other. I was a very closed person; I wasn't a very practical person before. So when you see another person and know that your life partner has a different outlook on things, you invariably are challenged to see another point of view,' Virat pointed out.


'That changed my mindset completely and changed me as a person completely. I was rigid. I did not have an understanding of things,' the Indian cricket captain added frankly.

'She made me realise a lot of things which have to do with the larger picture like my responsibility as a player setting an example for people in the right manner,' Virat explained to Mayank, his team-mate in the Indian Test side.

'All realisation has come from being with Anushka. I would give full credit to her. It's been an absolute blessing in my life that I found a life partner like her,' Virat. added.

'She has made me change as a person for good.'

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