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Why Dhoni's ex-girlfriend doesn't want to feature in his biopic

Last updated on: September 28, 2016 14:23 IST

'It's not that he (Dhoni) has dated only me in his life. There have been other girls too'

Laxmi RaaiSouth Indian actress Laxmi Raai, who was reportedly dating India's cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, is hoping that she or her relationship with Dhoni doesn't feature in the biopic based on the cricketer’s life.

"It’s so strange that people are unnecessarily focusing on my past. While I and Dhoni have moved on, it looks like some people are still stuck with it."

"It’s been eight years that chapter got over for me," says Raai, who was allegedly dating Dhoni in 2008 during the inaugural edition of the Indian Premier League.

"I was the brand ambassador for the team (Chennai Super Kings) that he was a part of and we were together for less than a year."

"We had never committed to each other and never thought of getting married either, so I don’t understand why people would talk about us. It didn’t work for us, so we moved on," adds the actor, who is making her Bollywood debut this year.

While Dhoni’s biopic talks about one of his ex-girlfriends Priyanka Jha who died in an accident, there is suspense over whether Raai’s part will be shown in the film.

"I hope not. Though there was an indirect approach to know the story from my side. I have not given any consent so they cannot claim a relationship existed unless they take names in the film," she said.

"(Also) it's not that he (Dhoni) has dated only me in his life. There have been other girls too that he's been in relationship with after me. And a biopic is much more than just girls and relationships."

So will she be watching M S Dhoni -- the Untold Story? "Definitely. If I find time I am going to be watching it. For me it is just entertainment and a film. And movies are meant to be watched," states Raai.

Photograph courtesy: Laxmi Raai/Instagram