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'Dhoni is the best thing to happen to Indian cricket'

May 14, 2010 20:39 IST

Speak up for MS Dhoni as captain!

On Friday evening asked readers to speak up for Mahendra Singh Dhoni and appeal to the Board of Control for Cricket in India to back the captain against the mud-slinging going on following Team India's ouster from the Twenty20 World Cup at the Super Eights stage.

Check out what readers have to say:

Signed by: Prateek Shrivastava

Comment: M.S. Dhoni is (in my opinion) the best (iconic) captain so far India has had. His capabilities are undoubtful. Though the current bad phase of Indian teams performance will cause sufferings to him.

Signed by: rajesh

Comment: Dhoni is one of the most succesful captain that india has ever seen.There will be a tough patch in a cricketer life and the phase is passing through dhoni now.We should give him a chance to come back fresh and prove himself again otherwise we will be a losing a good player too...

Signed by: jaikumar


Signed by: senthilkumar

Comment: winning or loosing is part and parcel of any game. No one in our current Indian team is ELIGIBLE to take the mantle from Dhoni.

Signed by: Shamindi

Comment: I'm a Sri Lankan who is also a great fan of Indian cricket and the Indian captain MS Dhoni. Under him the Indian team has blossomed into an unstoppable force in international cricket. Yes there will be many contenders for the job but the real question is can they do what Dhoni has done for the team so far? It is high time that everybody learns to accept victory and defeat in the same way. If it is done so, then it will be an encouragement for Dhoni to put this defeat behind him and move on.

Signed by: s.nanda

Comment: Dhoni is the best thing to happen to Indian cricket as far as captaincy goes. A perfect blend of discipline,hard work,maturity and talent,he should be persisted with.

Signed by: hlak

Comment: pls remove Dhoni

Signed by: abhishek jallan

Comment: dhoni should we there as a captain till the world cup.

Signed by: venkatesh ah

Comment: BCCI should not forget the achievements Dhoni has done for the Indian team. And by saying that IPL spoiled the chances, he has spoken his mind. So why is BCCI getting irritated?

Signed by: santosh krsna

Comment: M S Dhoni is a couragious captain

Signed by: Yaju

Comment: Ups and downs are a part of life. Dhoni stood up and took responsibility when everyone had given up their hands. India crashed out of first round of 50 overs 2007 World cup, lead to series victory in Australia, regained Border Gavaskar trophy, heralded the only team in IPL to make it to the semis on all occasions - you can't call him a fluke for sure. Treat him as a human, Bhagwad Geeta has said that karma is in our hands, not result.

Signed by: Priya Srivastava

Comment: M.S Dhoni is one of the few wicketkeeper captains in Indian and world cricketing history to have achieved a profilic performance from his team in a short time. How many captains have lost just 1 test match after captaining their team in 15 test matches? His one day record is formidable too. Regarding 20-20, I will blame other players rather than Dhoni for the pathetic performance because tmahi from begning of his career and i always pray for him to god once in a day surely. He has been the best captain not only of india cricket but even all over the world. the captain has given enough to indian cricke through his batting, keeping & captaincy in his small carrer as captain. I have never seen any indian player to play a great innings in under pressure matches long, but he has been habit of that kind of game. Ya i accepet in this t20 few decisions taken by him wrongly but this not the end of cricket. Some time its happen that u try to do thing good but its did'nt work in favour of u, peoples wo r blaiming on him should think that he is only not responsibble for the india early defect but the whole team perfomance wad too bad u can see yuvraj, gautam, pathan, nehara,khan,bhaji,vijay every was failed to perfom as hope. so he should stay captain for a long.

Signed by: Sandeep Anand

Comment: I want Dhoni as a Captain

Signed by: soch

Comment: Have faith in Mahi,in such a short time as captain he has lead India to several historic victories. This cant be undone overnight.Support him and Team India rather than throwing stones and we will do well in future ICC tournaments. Thank u.

Signed by: Sandeep

Comment: I want Dhoni to be as a Captain

Signed by: Manoj Rai

Comment: Bad day is every where. Also will come good Day Like Ricky Ponting

Signed by: RAMESH

Comment: Dhoni is mature and aggressice and smart shrewd captain. Under his stewerdship india has won many laurels. Need to Support Dhoni in this crises and understand the issues of the captain. after all the captain in as strong as his team. Disicplining the team is the need of the day and BCCI, Selection committee, Coach every has a major role to play in this.



Signed by: Rajesh

Comment: Dhoni is a Very good captain.We cannot blame Dhoni for Early exit in WCT20.

Signed by: anand

Comment: Dhoni is the bestest captain ever!! give him time and faith!!

Signed by: sujit p

Comment: dhoni is one of the best captains india had. He keeps his temperament cool in tough situations. he is not the only person to be blamed.

Signed by: SIVANESAN P

Comment: It is ridiculous to think to remove Dhoni from the captainship. Despite, he made irrelevant comments on the cause of failure, it is not fair to remove him. Instead team India should learn from the mistake and take the game forward. On the whole Board should to learn to prepare a team, Selector for appropriate team selection (not like T20 team which was selected in the beginning of the IPL which omitted Uthappa and Ashwin). There is no solid reason to remove him. Yes, he made some tactical mistake in two games. Bute remember he is the only person in the team who has think tank. Can you think the team lead by V.Sehwag, Gambhir who all are short tempered guys. Salute Dhoni for the success he has brought to the team and Country.

Signed by: N.DEEPAK


Comment: all the best for forthcoming match

Signed by: Selva

Comment: he is a good captain

Signed by: satish

Comment: Dhoni performance is ok, but the remaining players performance is not good.

Signed by: Kaushik Supkar

Signed by: Mallika Srinivasan

Signed by: Shreeja Nair

Comment: Do not forget his contribution to Indian cricket. Just a bad series should not be the reason to sack him if it is so why don't you sack the selectors instead ? Cricket is not an individual game , it is a team effort, then why you people are blaming Mahi? Just to hide the main culprits ?

Signed by: Ashok Y

Comment: Removing dhoni will be a stupidest decision. There is no other alternative available and IMPORTANTLY team did not lose due to CAPTAIN'S skills. NO point in removing DHONI as captain

Signed by: ankur mathur

Comment: fact is there's no replacement for dhoni at this moment. he has it in him what needs to be a captain, should be retained till 2011 world cup & this defeat will pump him up for the tournaments ahead.

Signed by: abhijeet

Comment: He is the best.

Signed by: Mohan

Comment: Please dont do this blunder

Signed by: Kajah Mohamed Ali

Please retain Dhoni as captain

Signed by: Moin Akhtar

Comment: Persist with him he is good captian in all the format. May be he should be more flexible with batting line up .

Signed by: Bhupendra Singh

Comment: Remove this arrogant man immediately

Signed by: Saajid Nishat

Comment: Please don't do this. Dhoni needs support

Signed by: Porselvan

Comment: Dhoni has brought a lot of victories to India as well. He has done a lot of things. In this t20 he did try diffent things but unfounately did not work........

Signed by: rahul

Comment: I know that he will emerge even more stronger after all this. He is a champion.

Signed by: sridhar

Comment: Dhoni is our best option for captain.. Rest all either inexperienced or letharigic

Signed by: KUMOD


Signed by: Sudharshan

Comment: Dhoni is such a great captain and he has led us #1 in tests and #2 in ODIs. removing him as skipper would be a foolish job to do and selectors and BCCI will have to regret for that.Successive WT20 failures are because of the fatigue caused by IPL which concluded days before the last 2 editions. Removing the skipper for fatigue is logicless.

Signed by: Tufail

Comment: Dont Remove...

Signed by: Malay Shah

Comment: One bad campaign is not a good enough reason to displace Dhoni, who has otherwise done well over the last few years.

Signed by: gokul

Comment: Sehwag is a good captain

Signed by: sanjeev

Comment: Its not dhoni fault its BCCI fault. Removing dhoni from captain is not a solution.

Signed by: Ashish thakare

Comment: Dhoni must sacked as captian coz he is very selfish...

Signed by: Nikhil Shah

Comment: This is not done.Sehwagh, gambhir,nehra and yuvraj is plotting against dhoni.delhi boys knows only politics.They shoul be saked b4 dhoni.

Signed by: Rohit Sahay

Comment: Its very strange that we can even think of this.. India performed so well during the whole year.. and now 3 defeats in T20 has resulted in forgetting all those winning moments.. they are human beings and let them human beings.. and about dhoni's predecessor's who never tasted such kind of success, its very logical for them to jealous.. Dhoni is a gem,he is a captain of all the three forms, see his batting average in all the forms, in ODI he is rank 1 from around 2 years, he was the highest run accumulator last year in odis, he is scoring well as well as performing so well as a captain. I have one message to the critics specially his prdecessors.. before commenting on him please compare themselves with dhoni's performance as a captain and a player... you guys now only can comment and do nothing else.. stop cursing..

Signed by: Basavaraj

Comment: Please remove MS Dhoni as cricket captain

Signed by: Nishant

Comment: Why not remove Dhobi?He deserves to go..

Signed by: john

Comment: remove srikanth from the slection committee.

Signed by: paul flux

Comment: He is much more than one tournament. Cannot control what others in the team decide to do.

Signed by: Arushi Gupta

Comment: The BCCI is not realizing what a huge mistake they are about to make by taking Dhoni off as captain. In just 6 years of international cricket, Dhoni has helped India reach such heights that no one else has ever done so. We went from winning the T20 world cup to beating top teams in their own homes. We became number one in Tests and ODIs. Dhoni is amazing and we need his talent and captaincy to remain the Formidable team India. Without Dhoni, it wont be possible.

Signed by: Manish Prasad

Comment: He is and will be the Best captain of India. We will always there for him.............Mahi is Best

Signed by: EDWIN


Signed by: Kashif EQubal

Comment: We should understand that 20-20 format is such that no team can recover from a single mistake on the field..and what about the mistakes done by jadeja in 2 matches which costs us the match... these 20-20 matches are such a fluke that any one can be hero on the day.. what happened to Australia in practice matches and today they are the firm favourites to win the tournament. We Indians want everything in our pocket...we want the World cup in one days.. 20-20 and in Tests as well.. We should think that we cannot be champions in all formats as we are no champions in any 2 Professional fields.. Respect the work which is done by our captain...he cannot take catches for Jadeja..he cannot open for Gambhir and take Bouncers..he cannot hit 6*6 sixes for yuvraj he cannot bowl for jadeja or Nehra or harbhajan and take wkts.. why all blame to so called DHOBI...respect him IF 8 players of ur team is not performing on a day what will the captain do...seeing this he himself will be frustated and after that the everyday comments of the ex cricketers on TV channels...abusing the Captain...

Signed by: Krishna Prasad

Comment: He is genius and should not be penalized for few other players fault. Sack the guys who were partying much than playing. MSD needs to continue as capatin.