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SEE: Smith gives fans batting tips

Last updated on: May 07, 2020 15:30 IST

Australia batting ace Steve Smith has decided to use the lockdown time fruitfully.

The former captain gave in to demands from followers asking for batting tips. Smith gave pointers about using the top hand and bottom hand for bat swing and doing drills to ensure right foot movement while batting.

“Batting tips I’ve had lots of people asking me to share some hints and tips on batting. This video is on what I like to call the first authentic swing. I’ll share the second authentic swing in a few days time. Let me what else you would like to see”, Smith wrote alongside a tutorial video on his Instagram page.

This is a first of another video that Smith says he will put up some other time.

These are certainly turning out to be good days for Smith fans, getting an opportunity to learn a few batting techniques from the Aussie run machine.

SEE: Steve Smith gives batting tips. Video: Kind courtesy: Steve Smith/Instagram

 Steve Smith

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