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Sakshi pens emotional note for Dhoni

August 16, 2020 09:15 IST

Sakshi Dhoni

Photograph: Kind courtesy Sakshi Dhoni/Instagram

An enigma throughout his career, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, on Saturday, shocked his fans, announcing his exit from international cricket with a cryptic Instagram message, reading, “Thanks. Thanks a lot for ur love and support throughout. From 1929 hrs consider me as Retired.”


He shared a video highlighting some unforgettable moments from his career, playing to the classic hindi song 'main pal do pal ka shayar hoon'.

Dhoni's wife Sakshi also wrote an emotional post on Instagram, congratulating her man on what he achieved in his career and for always giving his best to the game.

Sakshi Dhoni

She wrote, "You should be proud of what you have achieved.

Congratulations on giving your best to the game.

I am proud of your accomplishments and the person you are!

I am sure you must have held those tears to say goodbye to your passion.

Wishing you health, happiness and wonderful things ahead! #thankyoumsd #proud

Sakshi further added a few words from iconic poet Maya Angelou:  “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

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