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This article was first published 8 years ago  » Cricket » 'Sachin was an ideal person to look up to and like God to all'

'Sachin was an ideal person to look up to and like God to all'

September 05, 2015 19:18 IST
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Sachin Tendulkar and MS Dhoni celebrate an India win. Photograph: Getty Images

Describing Sachin Tendulkar as his role model, India ODI captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has said that iconic batsman's humility and passion for the game was an inspiration for him and others. 

"When we were growing up, we used to watch Sachin (Tendulkar), he was like God to all of us. He had that aura around him," Dhoni said recently while interacting with the Indian diaspora during a reception organised in his honour in New Jersey by Bihar - Jharkhand Association of North America. 

Dhoni said Tendulkar is a "very good role model" since he's successful but at the same time humble. Dhoni said when he started playing cricket, he saw "how he (Tendulkar) believed in the process." 

"Every time he turned on the field, he wanted to improve as a cricketer. I felt he was an ideal person to look up to and that is what we did," said Dhoni, according to a brief video of the event posted on the web portal American Bazaar.

'Small things matter more than the bigger goal'

India ODI captain MS Dhoni during a training session. Photograph: Michael Dodge/Getty Images

Asked when he will return to the cricket field, Dhoni said October is the "earliest you will see me on the field." 

On the 2011 World Cup win, Dhoni said it was "really big not only for the team, but for the entire country." Asked how he defines success, Dhoni said it is very important to be "practical and honest" in life. 

"One of the most difficult things to control is a man's greed. There is no upper limit to greed. But at the same time, we should practically set a standard as to this is what I want to achieve," he said, adding that even though he is a "decent cricketer" he cannot hope to become "Usain Bolt", the fastest
person in the world.

"Being practical in life and honest in life (is crucial)," he said. "What is important is what you are doing today and tomorrow because those small steps will in turn help you achieve in life what you want to become. Small things matter more than the bigger goal. While it is very important to dream, it is also important to be in the present," said Dhoni. 

During the reception, Dhoni was honoured with a resolution in his name that lauded him for his achievements in cricket.

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