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Rohit ponders about pitch conditions for 4th test

February 28, 2021 21:19 IST

Rohit Sharma

Photograph: Kind Courtesy Rohit Sharma/Instagram

India batsman Rohit Sharma, on Sunday, took a cheeky dig at the pitch critics, saying he is also wondering about what the 22 yards would be like in the upcoming fourth Test against England.

Rohit posted a photo of himself on Instagram in which he is lying on the ground and he captioned the post as: "Wondering what the pitch would be like for 4th Test."


India had managed to defeat England by ten wickets within two days in the pink-ball Test. The match saw both India and England batsmen failing to shine and getting out to balls that did not turn and skidded through from the spinners.

But critics have looked to blame the pitch for the failure of the batsmen. After the match, Rohit had clarified that he did not think the pitch had any demons. Even skipper Virat Kohli was vocal about the dreadful batting display from the two teams.

"It was a nice pitch to bat on, once you are in, you can score runs as you saw. You just need to apply yourself and keep concentrating in order to score runs. If you look at the Chennai Test match, the second Test, it was turning hell of a lot than it did here. A lot of the batters got runs there in the second Test, in this Test, we need to be honest to ourselves and accept that we did not bat well," Rohit had said during a virtual press conference after the third Test came to an end.

"In Chennai, it had a lot more to offer than this, we batted well on that wicket. We learn from our mistakes, guys applied themselves, Ashwin got 100 in the second innings of the second Test, Ajinkya got 50, Virat got 60-odd. If you apply yourselves, you can score runs. We accept as a batting unit, that we did not bat as well we would have liked to in this Test. We just need to take it to ourselves and we need to get back to the drawing board," he added.

Source: ANI