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PIX: Happy Ziva as Daddy Dhoni saves injured bird

June 10, 2020 10:51 IST

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

IMAGE: Mahendra Singh Dhoni revives the bird which had fallen unconscious on his lawn. All Photographs: Kind courtesy Ziva Singh Dhoni/Instagram

Mahendra Singh Dhoni helped daughter Ziva rescue an injured bird which had fallen unconscious on the lawn of their farmhouse in Ranchi.

Ziva shared the story on Instagram -- yes, the tiny tot has her own Instagram account!! -- about how her Papa's quick actions helped revive the bird.

'Today in the evening on my lawn I saw a bird lying unconscious. I shouted for papa and mumma.

'Papa held the bird in his hand and made her have some water.

'After some time it opened its eyes. All of us were very happy,' says the delighted child.

Ziva Singh Dhoni

Mummy Sakshi informed Ziva that the bird was a Coppersmith.

'We placed her in a basket on top of some leaves. Mumma told me it is a crimson-breasted Barbet and is also called Coppersmith.

'What a pretty, pretty little bird,' says Ziva, who is likely headed to Welham's like her mumma.

'Then suddenly it flew off. I wanted it to stay, but mumma told me she had gone to her mom.

'I am sure I will see her again!' declares the adorable five year old.