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Pakistan cricketer slammed for wiping sweat with dollar note

Last updated on: May 22, 2024 16:50 IST

IMAGE: Pakistan cricketer Azam Khan wipes the sweat on his forehead using the US dollar note. Photograph: Screengrab/X

Young Pakistan wicketkeeper-batter Azam Khan has landed himself in controversy after he was seen wiping the sweat on his forehead with an US dollar note.

The video, also featuring Pakistan captain Babar Azam and some other players, has drawn a backlash with fans criticising Azam for his insensitivity, given the country's economic situation.


The video captures a lighthearted moment among the national players and Azam is seen holding US dollars while engaging in a casual chat with Babar, who is behind the camera along with other team members.

Babar laughingly asks Azam, "What happened Abba?", who responded: "Bohat garmi hai (It is too hot here)," while wiping sweat with the dollar note leading to laughter from team-mates.  

"Apart from a rare few in Pakistan's sporting history, none have the charisma, impact and influence of any kind, nothing for a young kid to aspire to. The current lot is just hopeless," said a user on social media.

Another user emphasised the need for education, stating: "That's why we always keep saying basic education is a must, these people travel the world but don't learn the basic humane values. Send them to school before you send them to an international platform."

One fan said that while Pakistani people were facing food shortage, Azam is sitting under a roof and mocking poor people.

According to a reliable source in the Pakistan Cricket Board, the video also didn't go down well with some top officials and the players have been told to avoid unnecessary social media posts since the PCB already has a full fledged digital media department which keeps on uploading videos about the players.

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