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Mental strength is what makes Kohli, Shami alike: Mhambrey

April 11, 2024 11:34 IST

Mohammed Shami and Virat Kohli have different personalities but they are still alike in

IMAGE: 'Both, Mohammed Shami and Virat Kohli are different personalities altogether, but in terms of mental strength, both are up there'. Photograph: Ryan Pierse/Getty Images from the Rediff Archives 

Virat Kohli and Mohammed Shami may have different personalities, but both have great mental strength, which has brought success to the Team India, says the country's bowling coach Paras Mhambrey.

Kohli (765 runs at 95.62) and Shami (24 wickets at 10.70) topped the batting and bowling charts to play a key role in India's runner-up finish at the ODI World Cup last year.


"Both are different personalities altogether, but in terms of mental strength, both are up there," Mhambrey said at a book launch in Mumbai, on Wednesday.

"Virat is purely aggressive, on the face all the time. Shami is complete in contrast, never on his own. You will see a lot more bowlers being pumped out in celebrating after taking a wicket but Shami will do the usual 'hello' kind of stuff.

"Shami appears to be laid back, but he understands his game in and out. He knows what's expected of him. I've worked a lot with Shami in the recent past. He's completely different in terms of training and he will do something that suits him. He knows what works for him and knows his body inside out," he said.

Talking about Kohli, Mhambrey said: "Virat is one of the best in chasing. Chasing in shorter formats was always difficult but if you look at the records in recent past, it has improved a lot. He's the prime reason why India have chased mammoth scores.

"The common factor is they understand their roles quite well. They may have different approaches but by their mental strengths we get similar results. In terms of mentally to absorb pressure both are at the top," he added.

Shami has been sidelined since the World Cup because of an injury and missed the tour of South Africa and the Test series against England.

Mhambrey further said Kohli's work ethics has rubbed off on the young cricketers in Indian team.

"To be able to see the work put in by Virat day in and day out is an eye opener. You see youngsters talking to him and trying to learn from him. It gives everyone a fantastic insight into how he prepares.”

"I see a lot of younger people in the team taking out those minutes to have that conversation with him because those words of wisdom are fantastic.

"Unless you are not crazy or obsessed in any profession that you are, you can never be one of the greatest and that's common with all sportspersons.”

Asked how to become GOAT -- the greatest of all time -- Mhambrey said: "I think you're born with certain skills. Skills that Shami has cannot be replicated unless you have it... Same with (Jasprit) Bumrah. These are guys who are born with that skill.

"You become GOAT with the attitude that you have, the work that you put in, the vision that you had about yourself, the inspiration that you want to be. These combinations with other factors will make you a GOAT."

 "When I think about the modern greats of Cricket, the name that comes to my mind is Virat Kohli. His never-ending passion and thought process is what makes him part of the GOATS."