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Neesham and Aakash Chopra spar

October 03, 2020 17:42 IST

Jimmy Neesham

IMAGE: Jimmy Neesham has been showcased good performances in IPL 2020 so far. Photograph: BCCI/IPL

Former India cricketer Aakash Chopra and Kings XI Punjab allrounder Jimmy Neesham were involved in Twitter banter.

Chopra commented on the New Zealander's poor form to which Neesham reacted sharply.

KXIP should look to replace Neesham, Chopra said, declaring the Kiwi is neither a finisher with the bat nor a bowler who can bowl at the powerplay.

The Kiwi all-rounder replied, 'Averaging 18.5 striking at 90 doesn't win many matches either', referring to Chopra's stint in the IPL.

Jimmy Neesham

'Correct my friend,' Chopra responded. 'That's why nobody picks me anymore. I get paid for doing something else. I'm glad that you don't have an issue with my observations, but with my cricket stats. Go well for the rest of the #IPL.'

Earlier, Chopra said on his Youtube channel, 'They play Neesham, an overseas fast bowler, who neither bowls in the powerplay nor in the death overs. He is neither a great finisher nor a big batsman who bats in the top four or five. So why is Kings XI Punjab playing him? You are playing a player who is not really a match-winner.'

Neesham tweeted in response: 'Twitter criticising your opinion on other people's opinions because everyone's allowed to have an opinion.'

Neesham has been not able to showcase good performances in IPL 2020 so far.

He scored 8 runs and conceded 52 runs in his last game while giving away 40 runs in another match against the Rajasthan Royals.

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