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KKR Asks: Know These Bengali Lines?

May 20, 2023 11:54 IST

Nitish Rana

Photograph and video: Kind courtesy KKR/Twitter

Kolkata Knight Riders recently shared a video on Twitter challenging their fans with a test related to Bengali lines.

In the video, KKR Skipper Nitish Rana declares that if you are a true KKR fan, you should know these Bengali lines. Rana then proceeds to share three Bengali phrases.

The first phrase is 'Ami tomake bhalobashi', which translates to 'I Love You'.


The second phrase is 'Cha Khabo?', which means 'Will you have tea?'

The third phrase is 'Korbo! Lorbo! Jeetbo!, the KKR theme, which translates to 'We will perform, we will fight, and we will win'.