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'Jos Bhai, you're the love of my life'

April 21, 2023 16:27 IST

Jos Buttler

Photograph and videos: Kind courtesy Rajasthan Royals/Twitter

Yuzvendra Chahal, the Rajasthan Royals's perennial prankster, 'proposed' to RR Star Jos Buttler the other day.

In a video shared by the Royals, Chahal goes down on one knee and proposes while a bemused Buttler holds his puzzled daughter Georgia.

After being asked to speak louder, Chahal goes on to say, 'Jos Bhai, you're the love of my life. While I met you last year, my heart began beating fast. And every night I just see you, I feel you. Will you go on a date with me please?'

After a dramatic pause, Buttler responds, 'I will, yes, Yuzi for sure.'


The Buttlers celebrated elder daughter Georgia's birthday early (she will be 4 on April 27); you can see the video below of Jos and wife Louise cutting a cake with Royals team-mates around them.