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How Kohli is pampering Anushka

July 30, 2020 08:05 IST

We all know what Virat Kohli is capable of on a cricket ground.

But who knew that the skipper has impressive culinary skills as well?

Chikoo treated the love of his life to a special dessert he had baked yesterday.

'Getting spoiled with home made chocolate eclairs by my husband,' Anushka Sharma told her Instagram followers on Wednesday.

Anu and Chikoo's love story gets even more mushy, eh?

On Tuesday, Virat had revealed how Anushka had made him more open minded.

'I was a very closed person; I wasn't a very practical person before,' Virat said. 'So when you see another person and know that your life partner has a different outlook on things, you invariably are challenged to see another point of view.'

Guess this is what Sanjay Bangar meant when he told Harish Kotian/ 'I have seen him evolve and mature, both as a person and a captain.'


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