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Hardik Says He Has Changed And How!

February 29, 2024 11:08 IST

IMAGE: Hardik Pandya is gearing up to make a comeback in IPL 2024. Photographs: Kind courtesy Hardik Pandya/Instagram

Hardik Pandya, who made a long-awaited comeback to the cricket field during the D Y Patil tournament this week, revealed that he is no longer the flamboyant cricketer with a flashy lifestyle.

'My fans don't know I don't go out at all,' Hardik told UK 07 rider. 'I have hardly been out in the last two to three years. The only time I've stepped out is when it's a friend's something and it's been unavoidable.

'I like to stay at home now. There was a time when I did not step out from my home for 50 days and remained at home. I have my own personal gym and home theatre. So, whatever I like I have at home.

'I love my family and they are at home. And my friends and manager also come home, so I don't need to step out.'

IMAGE: Hardik with wife Nataša Stanković and son Agastya.

'Journey has been very good. Got to learn a lot in life. And because of that I believe if I can do it anyone can do it,' Hardik said.

'Coming up from a middle-class family, the only thing is be honest. If you want to work hard, you have to do it with honesty and if you can work with honesty, no one can stop you. If you have the passion and hard, work no one can stop you.

Talking about his tattoos, he showed off one he had done just before World Cup 2023 and said, 'It shows that in life, time is everything. Also, I have a tattoo of (son) Agastya on my shoulder.'

IMAGE: Hardik with elder brother Krunal Pandya.

Recalling the evening when he received his first Man of the Match award in the IPL, Hardik said, 'I thought a player who is awarded man of the match receives all the money. So, when I won the award, I thought it was all mine. But then I came to know that it's divided amongst the team members. After all it's a team sport!'