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Dhanashree is not Yuzi's 'first love'

June 06, 2022 19:47 IST

Dhanashree Verma

IMAGE: Television audiences were familiar with Dhanashree Verma's passionate reactions in the Rajasthan Royals players' stand during IPL 2022, so often captured by the television cameras. Photograph: Kind courtesy Dhanashree Verma/Instagram

Dhanashree Verma is a pillar of strength to India and Rajasthan Royals spinner Yuzvendra Chahal.

Chahal, who is known for his witty nature, won the prestigious Aramco Purple Cap after taking 27 wickets in 17 matches in IPL 2022.

Supporting him during his excellent outing at the IPL was wife Dhanashree, who was seen cheering for him and his team from the stands.

During a Rajasthan Royals podcast, Chahal's wife Dhanashree spoke at length about how the spinner manages to look stress-free even in testing times. Yuzi, Dhanashree revealed, wears a smile to beat the on-field stress.

'Yuzi is a very happy person, and he loves cricket. His first love is cricket, so being in this environment around his fellow mates is the primary reason behind him smiling always and having a beautiful smile,' Dhanashree said during the podcast.

'The environment, of course, is very warm and friendly, but it gets stressful. So, you have to keep up with it. So, because of that, Yuzi is Yuzi all the time,' she added.

'Everyone knows this by now that I am overly expressive. Obviously, super stressed. When people come to watch any game like the IPL, Tests or ODIs, they are stressed because they support one team. You obviously want your team to do well,' the dentist-dancer-YouTuber explained.

'Here, we are personally related to them and so, the stress level is definitely double compared to others and when they come back home, you want them to be smiling,' Dhanashree said.

'It's our life now and we have to protect it in a way that it should not be as stressful as it looks like.'

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