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The World of Cricket

Last updated on: August 03, 2003 17:06 IST
  August 3, 2003 | 17:15 IST

Smith 'has weaknesses'

Former England fast bowler Angus Fraser believes record-breaking South Africa captain Graeme Smith has technical flaws in his batting.

Hallelujah chorus for Smith

Barry Richards, Graeme Pollock salute young maestro who is drawing comparisons with Don Bradman.

Hussain takes centre stage in tale of the unexpected

Rahul Dravid reflects on the England captain's shock decision and the impact he made as leader of the national side.

Hussain suffers outside and in

Former England captain, Mike Brearley, wonders whether Nasser Hussein's own insecurity led to his downfall.

Being a Test skipper is a high-stress job

Graeme Smith's Test cricket captaincy has thus far been like a particularly jolly Boys' Own story in which the young hero makes brilliant decisions, leads from the front with thunderous individual performances, and is hailed by cheering throngs.

The second worst job in the world

They say the worst job in the world is being England football manager, but captaining England's cricket team must rank way up there in Occupations From Hell.

Was Hansie Cronje murdered?

As revelations of secret bank accounts, shady contacts and habitual match-fixing grow, a further, unpalatable theory is emerging: that his plane crash was no accident.

Inzamam out to resurrect cricket career

Dumped Pakistan batsman Inzamam ul-Haq has said he was engaged in a desperate campaign to resurrect his cricket career and shed his memories of the World Cup fiasco.

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