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8-feet tall Afghan cricket fan struggles to find accommodation

November 07, 2019 11:40 IST

8 feet and two-inch tall Afghan cricket fan struggled to find a hotel room in Lucknow

Sher Khan

IMAGE: Hundreds of people gathered to see the tall Sher Khan. Photographs: ANI

Height became a problem in finding accommodation for an Afghani man who flew down to watch One-day International cricket series between Afghanistan and West Indies in Lucknow.


Sher Khan, who is 8 feet and two-inch tall, visited several hotels in search of a place to stay but no hotel allegedly agreed to rent him a room courtesy to his height. Disappointed and alone in a new city, Khan approached police for help which took him to a Hotel Rajdhani in Naka area where he spent Tuesday night.

Sher Khan

Hundreds of people gathered outside the hotel to see the tall who is a resident of Kabul. "As many as 200 people have come to see him. He is very disturbed," hotel owner Ranu said on Wednesday.

Due to the people gathered outside the hotel, the police had to escort Khan to Ekana Stadium where the international match was played.

Source: ANI