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Adelaide - 2nd Test

Adelaide Oval

Venue for: Second Test, 12-16 Dec 2003

Adelaide, situated in parkland, is the most picturesque of Australia's Test cricket grounds.

It is also one of the oldest international venues. Cricket has been played there since 1871. England faced Australia in December 1884, making it the sixth Test ground to be used.

Visible from the playing arena is St.Peter's Cathedral, where Sir Donald Bradman's memorial service was held in March 2001.

Bradman holds the record for the highest Test score at the ground. He was 299 not out in the fourth Test against South Africa in 1931/32 when last man Pud Thurlow was run out.

Unlike many cricket grounds with the same name, this venue really is oval. It is the longest (190.2m) of all Test grounds, sees a lot of sixes struck square of the wicket.

England were the last team to triumph here in 1994/95 and since then the Aussies have reigned supreme. The pitch is always true and generally assists batting but the bounce may trouble the Indians.

Ground details:
First Test: Australia v England, The Ashes 1st Test, 1884/85
Result: England won by 8 wickets

Most Recent Test: Australia v England, The Ashes 2nd Test, 2002/03
Result: Australia won by an innings and 51 runs

Won by AusWon by IndDrawnTiedTotal

Matches played between India and Australia
1947-19484th Test 23/01/1948Aus won by an inns, 16 runs
1967-19681st Test 23/12/1967Aus won by 146 runs
1977-19785th Test 28/01/1978Aus won by 47 runs
1980-19812nd Test 23/01/1981Match Drawn
1985-19861st Test 13/12/1985Match Drawn
1991-19924th Test 25/01/1992Aus won by 38 runs
1999-20001st Test 10/12/99Aus won by 285 runs

Partnership records
1st244R B Simpson and W M Lawry (Aus)1965-1966 vs Eng
2nd275C C McDonald and A L Hassett (Aus)1952-1953 vs SA
3rd341E J Barlow and R G Pollock (SAF)1963-1964 vs Aus
4th214D M Jones and A R Border (Aus)1988-1989 vs WI
5th239S R Waugh and R T Ponting (Aus)1999-2000 vs Ind
6th191Imran Khan and Wasim Akram (PAK)1989-1990 vs Aus
7th168R W Marsh and K J O'Keefe (Aus)1973-1974 vs NZ
8th243R M Hartigan and C Hill (Aus)1907-1908 vs Eng
9th122D A J Holford and J L Hendriks (WIN)1968-1969 vs Aus
10th94S M Gavaskar and N S Yadav (Ind)1985-1986 vs Aus

Top 10 Batsmen (By aggregate runs)
Border, A RAus1629594205141558.96
Waugh, S R*Aus142424317098444.73
Bradman, D GAus711233*299970107.78
Boon, D CAus122332413592046
Waugh, M EAus122326213883739.86
Taylor, M AAus1121152*16981140.55
Simpson, R BAus61105322580573.18
Hill, CAus61106116071464.91
Hughes, K JAus71303221367652
Chappell, I MAus91502219666644.4

Top 10 bowlers (By aggregate wickets)
Lillee, D K Australia 350.1 63 1206 45 4 6/171 26.80
McDermott, C J Australia 387.3 98 1162 42 3 5/76 27.67
Warne, S K* Australia 484.4 134 1188 41 1 5/113 28.98
McGrath, G D* Australia 295.3 87 708 35 0 4/41 20.23
Grimmett, C V Australia 349.3 96 769 34 4 7/83 22.62
Benaud, R Australia 266.6 54 890 27 2 5/91 32.96
Mallett, A A Australia 225.3 55 656 25 1 8/59 26.24
Johnston, W A Australia 191.3 46 500 25 2 6/62 20.00
Thomson, J R Australia 127 17 504 24 0 4/68 21.00
Hughes, M G Australia 260.3 56 843 24 2 5/64 35.13

Top 10 century makers for Australia
Bradman, D G1928-19481931-1932 4th TestSA1st*299
Simpson, R B1957-19781965-1966 4th TestEng1st225
Jones, D M1984-19921988-1989 5th TestWI1st216
Trumper, V T1899-19121910-1911 3rd TestSA1st*214
Hughes, K J1977-19841980-1981 2nd TestInd1st213
Bradman, D G1928-19481936-1937 4th TestEng2nd212
Morris, A R1946-19551950-1951 4th TestEng1st206
Border, A R1978-19941987-1988 2nd TestNZ1st205
Ryder, J1920-19291924-1925 3rd TestEng1st*201
Bradman, D G1928-19481947-1948 4th TestInd1st201

Century makers for India
Patil, S M1980-19841980-1981 2nd TestAus1st174
Gavaskar, S M1971-19871985-1986 1st TestAus1st*166
Hazare, V S1946-19531947-1948 4th TestAus2nd145
Phadkar, D G1947-19581947-1948 4th TestAus1st123
Hazare, V S1946-19531947-1948 4th TestAus1st116
Azharuddin, M1984-20001991-1992 4th TestAus2nd106

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