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10th May, 2002

Name: Tejas Brahmbhatt, MD
Question: I am really disappointed with S S Das's batting. Do you have any statistics on him, regarding his performance against quality teams? I think he scores good runs against poor teams and strengthens his average. I think India needs solid opening players, like Dinesh Mongia and Virender Sehwag to open the innings, even though they are not regular openers. At least they will be better than Das and Bangar.

Answer 1: Das's Test career performance against each team (updated at the end of the Bridgetown Test)

Country M I NO Runs HS1 HS2 HS3 Ave 100 50 0
Australia 3 6 - 173 84 39 20 28.83 - 1 -
England 3 4 - 129 58 41 28 32.25 - 1 -
South Africa 2 4 - 72 62 9 1 18.00 - 1 1
Sri Lanka 3 6 - 217 68 59 40 36.17 - 2 -
West Indies 3 5 - 78 35 33 10 15.60 - - 2
Zimbabwe 6 10 1 560 110 105 82* 62.22 2 4 -
Bangladesh 1 2 1 51 29 22* - 51.00 - - -
TOTAL 21 37 2 1280 110 105 84 36.57 2 9 3

Name: Arvind
Question: Mohan, The Pak-NZ first Test was incredible, at least for one stat. NZ scored 73 and 246 = 319. Inzamam scored 329, outscoring single-handedly the entire NZ total in two innings. Is this the first time this has happened in Tests? I know this has happened in ODIs, most famously, when Viv Richards scored his 181 against Lanka in the 1987 World Cup.

Answer 2: Inzamam's feat of out-scoring the opponent's scores in both innings has been achieved on two other occasions, which are listed below:

  • 120 R Abel for Eng v SA (47+43= 90) at Cape Town 1888-89
  • 185 DG Bradman for Aus v Ind (58+98 = 156) at Brisbane, 1947-48
  • It should, however, be noted that this feat has also been achieved by England opener Len Hutton, when he made 364 against Australia (201 and 123 = 324) at The Oval in 1938. However, Australia had lost only 16 wickets since both Don Bradman and Jack Fingleton were absent hurt and as such could not bat in either innings.

    Name: Prahalad
    Question: Hello, Mr Mohan. I wanted to know what exactly is deemed as 'bowling action'. If say, Shane Warne delivers a googly, is he bowling that with a different 'bowling action', compared to his leg spinners? In other words, how a bowler releases the ball, is that also part of the bowling action? Thanks

    Answer 3: As you rigthly say, bowling action is the style which a bowler delivers the ball, and this style varies for each bowler. For example, both Shane Warne and Anil Kumble are leg-spinners but their delivery styles vary. So, too, for Murlitharan and Harbhajan - both off-spinners. So bowling action means the bowler's style of delivery and not what kind of balls he delivers.

    Name: Wilfred
    Question: 1.How many Indian players scored double centuries in away matches? 2. How many Indian bowlers got 10 wickets in away matches?

    Answer 4: Indian batsmen have scored double centuries on foreign soil; Gavaskar being the only one to do so twice.
    Batsman Runs For vs Inn Test Series Venue
    SM Gavaskar 221 Ind Eng 2nd 4th 1979 The Oval
    SM Gavaskar 220 Ind WI 2nd 5th 1970-71 Port-of-Spain
    SV Manjrekar 218 Ind Pak 1st 3rd 1989-90 Lahore
    DN Sardesai 212 Ind WI 1st 1st 1970-71 Kingston
    RJ Shastri 206 Ind Aus 1st 3rd 1991-92 Sydney
    NS Sidhu 201 Ind WI 1st 2nd 1996-97 Port-of-Spain

    The following Indian bowlers have captured 10 or more wickets in away Tests.
    Bowler Wkts Runs For vs Test Series 1st 2nd Venue
    BS Chandrasekhar 12 104 Ind Aus 3rd 1977-78 6/52 6/52 MCG
    EAS Prasanna 11 140 Ind NZ 1st 1975-76 3/64 8/76 Auckland
    BKV Prasad 10 153 Ind SA 1st 1996-97 5/60 5/93 Kingsmead
    Chetan Sharma 10 188 Ind Eng 3rd 1986 4/130 6/58 Edgbaston
    BS Bedi 10 194 Ind Aus 2nd 1977-78 5/89 5/105 Perth

    Name: Shielesh Damle
    Question: Mr Menon, What is the record for highest runs scored in a day in First Class cricket? Is it 729, scored by the Australians against Essex in 1948?

    Answer 5: The most runs in any day of first-class cricket is 721, by the Australians against Essex at Southchurch Park, in Southend-on-Sea, on the first day of tourists' three-day match. It took place on May 15, 1948, before a packed Saturday crowd. The visiting team took advantage of a fast pitch and a small ground to score these runs in 5 hours 48 minutes.

    Name: Vikas Diwakar
    Question: Recently, you pointed out Sachin's dissappointing record in the fourth innings of Tests. Have we ever won a Test with him scoring runs in the fourth innings?

    Answer 6: Tendulkar's scores in the fourth innings, when India won a Test match:

  • 9* vs England at Calcutta, 1992-93
  • 0* vs New Zealand at Bangalore, 1995-96
  • 0 vs Australia at Delhi, 1996-97 (his first match as capt)
  • 44* vs New Zealand at Kanpur, 1999-00
  • 39 vs Zimbabwe at Delhi, 2000-01
  • 17 vs Australia at Chennai, 2000-01
  • 36* vs Zimbabwe at Bulawayo, 2001-02
  • 42 vs Zimbabwe at Delhi, 2001-02
  • Summary
    M Inns No Runs Avg HS
    8 8 4 187 46.75 44*

    Name: Ravi
    Question: Dear Mr. Menon, This is not a statistics or rule-related question per se. Since I didn't know who to ask this, I am sending it to you in the hope that you can shed some light on it. Recently, Sachin has been dismissed LBW a lot. Is it due to some technical flaw that has crept into his game? In general, if a batsman is dismissed often in this fashion (LBW), is there something in his technique that he should be looking to correct? Thanks a lot. Regards.

    Answer 7: Recently, former Indian skipper and TV commentator Sunil Gavaskar, in his daily newspaper column, pointed out to a serious flaw in Tendulkar's batting. According to Gavaskar, Tendulkar is moving back and across something he rarely used to do. By doing this he is opening his right shoulder a bit, thus bringing his bat down at an angle unlike the impeccably straight way it usually comes down. This is just a slight movement, but it is making him to play across the line and get rapped on the pads. The former opening batsman also suggested that once Tendulkar stays still and moves only after the ball is delivered he should be able to get rid of this flaw.

    Name: Sreekanth
    Question: What do rules say about this situation? During the course of a run, if the batsman knocks off the stumps and thus makes it impossible for the fielder to run him out, will he be called for obstruction of field?

    Answer 8: If the umpire feels that the batsman has deliberately knocked the stumps in order to deprive the fielder to run him out, he can give the batsman out for obstructing the field. However, if it was an inadvertant action on the part of the batsman, he will be allowed to continue with his batting,

    Name: Parag Kulkarni
    Question: What is the maximum number of runs that can be scored by running between the wickets? Is there any rule regarding this? Is it restricted to four? If not, can you tell any example of it? Please provide the answer.

    Answer 9: There is no law with regard to the number of runs a batsman can take, as long as the ball is within the field of play, The batsman along with the non-striker can take any number of runs, until such time the ball passes the boundary ropes.

    Name: Anthony
    Question: I wanted to check if a guy named Agnello Gomes has ever represented Bombay (Mumbai). If my memory serves me right, he debuted with Amre in 92-93. Can you give some statistics on this player? Thanks, Anthony.

    Answer 10: No cricketer by the name of Agnello Gomes has played first-class cricket in India, let alone Bombay/Mumbai. However, the former left-handed batsman Hilary Angelo "Larry" Gomes appeared in 60 Tests from 1976 to 1987 and 83 ODIs from 1978 to 1987 for the West Indies.




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