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Said about Sachin

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Said About Sachin

What the celebrities say about the master batsman.

The transcript of the Sachin Tendulkar interview on Harsha Online, to be aired on STAR Sports on Monday, March 25, 2002 at 2230 IST.

Navjot Singh Sidhu (Former India opening batsman):
 There is something that is very vividly etched in my memory. First tour of Pakistan, his debut tour and the second Test match; young boy of 16, India was in a very precarious situation, struggling to save the game, 34 for 4, we had a nice little partnership which was just building up and just then he was hit by Waqar; it was terrible delivery. It hit his helmet and then hit him on the nose. There was blood splattered all over his shirt; it was a terrible sight and I had this pukey feeling and I frantically waved for Ali. He rushed in and I told him to take him; and then suddenly a squeaky voice said 'main khelega'. He was in a terrible state and yet he wanted to play. They plugged his nose and in that blood splattered shirt he made 57 and saved the match. Amazing! The very next delivery he played from Waqar went right passed the bowler for four. What can I say for such commitment and courage? He is a once-in-a-generation cricketer; he is like a kohinoor, which comes only once; he is a diamond!

Brian Lara (Former West Indies captain):
 Getting a team together is very hard. As a leader, as a captain, you have a lot of man-management to do and so you need a very good support group and that support group would be the Indian cricket board, and for me, the West Indian cricket board. And I can speak for myself and say that I don't think that support was there for me and that the support was there for Tendulkar, and I get the picture that there was not enough support that was necessary to make him a good leader. I followed in his footsteps because indeed he gave up before I did. I am concentrating on my batting now and I think he is doing the same. I mean 11,000 one-day runs and over 7,000 Test runs. Of course, for me, he is the best player in the world at present.

Amitabh Bachchan (Bollywood superstar):
 When you look forward to a meeting where perhaps the two of you are going to be working on the same platform, you expect a lot of baggage along with it, but Sachin is totally different from anything you can ever expect. He is extremely humble; almost shy, very introvertive, quite person, concentrating on his work, much like what he is on the cricket pitch.

Well, Sachin is Sachin; he is the heart beat of this nation. Every time he goes out to play, the country breathes. When he is out, the country stops breathing. Great sportsman; legend now!

Glen McGrath (Australia fast bowler):
 We have had some great battles over the years and I have really enjoyed bowling to you. You are one of the best batsmen in the world, if not the best batsman in the world. We have had a lot of fun and I should probably thank you for taking it easy on me over the years; and, hopefully, I can make up for it next time we meet. Have a good night. You really deserve it, mate! All the best to you in the future. Enjoy mate, cheers!

Shane Warne (Australia spinner):
 Congratulations, Sachin. I hope you enjoy the night with all your friends there. It has been an absolute pleasure to play against you for probably 10-11 years. You are the best batsman I have bowled to and the best batsman I have liked to watch. It's great to watch where you are going and you deserve all your success. You are a wonderful person and that is the thing that I mostly enjoy spending time with you. I am friends with you and I have got to know you off the field. Enjoy the night and hope it all goes well. You are an absolute superstar, but, more importantly, you are a great bloke. Look forward to seeing you soon.