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August 28, 2002

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Who's your culprit?

Tue Aug 27 14:47:04 2002
Name:Sojan Chacko
Your Views:Indian team, as a whole, should be suspended from playing for the country for a defenite period, say one year. Ofcourse they are unpatriotic, they could achieve all these, because of their label that they are representing Inaia. India's status in Incricket world is not of their sole achievements and contributions. Their ancestors had contributed a tremendous effects and they have also sweated s lot for this status of India.

Tue Aug 27 16:57:20 2002
Your Views:I think market knows no sentiments, be it nationalism or otherwise. The players are not to be blamed for all that they are doing is acting in their own interest. And that is their legitimate right. And as for the authorities, where will they get the quality of a nationalistic player when the whole game has been commercialised. They have to rethink on how strong are the foundations of the game as a game, or has the game become a big business.

Tue Aug 27 17:07:54 2002
Your Views:I think we are giving too much importance to this game called cricket. Give new players a chance and everything will be fine

Tue Aug 27 18:33:32 2002
Name:Slavery Continues
Your Views:Slavery continues for Indians. BCCI doesnt have the capacity to take a stand as they are 'RULED' by the same people who have ruled us for decades. Whatever benefits the Indians is not et-al taken into consideration(as Indians are going to loose the most) BCCI should take a stand.

Tue Aug 27 18:34:51 2002
Your Views:The talk of patriotism, commercial interest etc comes up more for blackmailing. For that matter why is BCCI pressurising Indian govt. to give them permission to play Pakistan time and again. What happened to patritotism then. So ICC & BCCI talk of patriotism when it suits them. According to Indian constitution there is no provision for one party to sign a contract on behalf of second party without his/her knowledge and then pressurise the second party to sign on the dotted line to abide by the same. We need to banish the likes of Dalmia and Malcolm Speed from the scene for the game to improve. They should understand that the sponsorer's are ready to spend the money because the likes of Tendulkar, Ganguly, Dravid and Jayasurya are playing in these tournaments. If the countries send the B teams to the tournament the sponsorer's will back out and nobody will watch cricket on TV. They better understand that and address the player's grivences instead of blackmailing them.

Tue Aug 27 20:13:10 2002
Name:sajan rajagopal.r
Your Views:We should all face the fact that this veerapan issue is getting too common if i may say in the recent past.he strikes and causes some commotion for a brief period of time and finally wen all this settles,the heat is turned on in the pursuit of this elusive brigand,THEN AGAIN IT SUBSIDES PRETTY SOON. all i can say is that it is high time we let the army handle this operation of bringing down veerapan.there is no time for us to let him grow in strength from here as he seems to be awfully interested in the political developments in both pretty sure the political leaders of the states know better than a brigand whos been in the forest for a zillion years. ABOUT ANTI-TAMIL TENSIONS BEING SPARKED OFF IN KARNATAKA,IM SURE THAT ONE HAS TO COME TO TERMS WITH THE FACT THAT IF KARNATAKA CANT GIVE T.N ITS SHARE OF WATER THEN THERE IS DEFENITELY NO REASON WHY WE SHUD EVEN CONSIDER THE DEMANDS THAT VEERAPAN HAS IMPOSED FOR THE RELEASE OF MR.NAGAPPA.I MEAN IF IT IS RELEVANT THEN TIS OK. TAMILS ALWAYS WANT PEACE AND HARMONY WITH THEIR NEIGHBOURS,LET US HOPE THAT OUR NEAR STATE KEEP UP WITH OUR FRNDLY HOPES AND ACT ACCORDINGLY BY REMOVING THE MINDSET OF THE PPLE OF KARNATAKA

Tue Aug 27 20:14:00 2002
Your Views:Basicaly, Veerappan problem is the creation of politicians. He has gone scot free only with connivance of politicians. Even in this kidnap drama also, involvement of politicians cannot be ruled out. So long as he enjoys their patronage any amount of money spent to nab him will be of no avail. The only matter for concern is that tax payer's hard earned money is spent on an exercise which has no end as long as the politicians continue to patronise them. During last som many years of his nefarious activities, Veerappan has perpetrated attrocities on thousands of innocents who are not able to make two ends meet. There was no pbulic outcry. Why so much a fuss right now ? Is it because, one more politician is involved ? Not even God can save this country from the attrocities committed by the politicians !

Mon Aug 26 16:29:50 2002
Name:reetika desai
Your Views:Yes definetly they are unpatrotic.(infact very greedy)They have always put money before country.No matter from where money comes i e underworld, sponsorships etc.... they are ready to carry the orders of underworld or sponsors but not of bharat mata !! what a shame and we consider them as our gods lol!! i laughed lot when gavaskar compared tendulkar with don bradman lol!! no asian player will be as great as donbrad man ..batting is not everything personal charcter and devotion to ones country is very important.i have never seen any indian cricketer yet who i can say is very patriotic.i still remember the incident of common wealth games no body was ready to play in common wealth games it was only after lots of pressure and request that they were able to send team for common wealth games few years back.Indian cricketers are jus like our politicians who can refuse changes in elections ordinance even at the request of president and supreme court for their personal gains and interest. :)

Mon Aug 26 16:57:59 2002
Your Views:ICC should ban all cricketers to give advertisements.

Mon Aug 26 17:04:10 2002
Name:aditya talwar
Your Views:i would like to say that players are right what they r doing.icc had told the players that they are greedy and they should choose between country and money but icc is also doing this for money.i think icc should choose between money or players.the players shouldform another association and ban icc.

Mon Aug 26 17:19:50 2002
Your Views:Board should dicuss with players directly and understand their problems and solve it in a right manner. Board should not treat players as enemies of board. And players also should understand views of Board and talk their problems directly without any help of middleman (spokeman). Players has to see what agreement signed by the other contries players and take decision which is in favour of our country.

Mon Aug 26 17:26:54 2002
Your Views:one thing is really really clear.the players are not being paid the money they earn in advertisements b'coz they know mr.dalmiya or malcolm personally they are earning that money b'coz they have a reputation of their own i'm sure they don't owe this to either the icc or bcc what they are getting is legally theirs and malcolm should stop giving shitty statements like love for the country

Mon Aug 26 17:27:13 2002
Your Views:Indian players are a greedy unpatriotic lot. Sack them.

Mon Aug 26 18:02:33 2002
Your Views:icc shouldn,t sign any contract without consulting players association.because the current sitution happened due to that.any contract that shouldn't affect the individual future it shouldn't happen.but for the prevailing controversy both icc & players come forwoard to come a common understanding.they should consider the interest of the people.

Mon Aug 26 18:29:53 2002
Your Views:hi harsha congratulation to sachin tendulkar for his 30 century and crossed the 29 century of sir don bradman.but in the issue of sign the contract to icc, i don't agree with icc and bcci. because player have their market value and they do contract with companies. so that icc must need to discus with all world's cricker boards before sign a contract of theirselves. so that if any cricket board have any problem so they tell to icc at that now a time if some player sign the icc contract they have much loss personally with their i agree with player for don't sign the contract.and i give a sugestion to the icc that in future they discuss with every cricket boards in any controversial matter.

Mon Aug 26 18:46:03 2002
Your Views:The only reason players not agreeing with the BCCI is ofcourse the monetary loss of the players. Now since the corporates who have signed with ICC for 7 years have paid enough to fill the pockets of ICC and now BCCI wants to fill his pocket. since board have realised they wont get their commission is trying to pressurise players to either sign or give undertable part of sponsor's money to the BCCI. Board of Corrupted Cricket of India. should be the right name of the same. all the oldies people cant just match the money of the players so this is thr right technique taken out by few corrupted corporates along with BCCI.

Mon Aug 26 18:49:02 2002
Your Views:Because of the country's reputation players have to ready to do some sacrifices. Thay have to sacrifice for our country

Mon Aug 26 19:19:40 2002
Name:R. K. Singh
Your Views:I foresee that If the way BCCIis emposeing restrictions on Cricketrs the day is not far seeing Indian Team Crawling like Indian Hockey.& becoming Puppet in the hand of BCCI.They dont want Sachin,Dravid, Shourabh,Sehwagh,Yuvraj to shine. they want non performer so that BCCI can Shine.

Mon Aug 26 19:38:36 2002
Name:swati & jayanta
Your Views:we think top players are doing right thing.when icc signed with sponsered ,they didn't talk to players & also board not talked to the the problem is that players have already contract with different sponser at this moment they have to face problem with their sponser. unpatriotic,what does mean? not signing to icc sponsered? if signed they are patriotic & what effort they are giving for our country what's that. one governing body taking decision without talking with the persons who directly related to game. now icc realy deprive the player also us. we want definately this team with sachin,sourav,rahul in icc championship. so the only solution has to take from bcci,they have to meet with them &directly talk to them. the rules what given totaly dectetorship rule. players have own ability to earn their money.

Mon Aug 26 20:02:56 2002
Name:nitu Mishra
Your Views:Icc is not handling the situation Properly. A special committee with all board presidents and Icc members to be made. so a proper guideline and rule for future conduct of Icc tournament can be announced.

Mon Aug 26 20:35:07 2002
Name:Manoj. S. Mundhada
Your Views:I think that the ICC is being unfair to the players.The ICC should definitely have taken the players into confidence before taking such an extreme step.

Mon Aug 26 21:14:47 2002
Name:Sudeep Ghosh
Your Views:ICC is now a political Whirlpool. In many of the matches officials decides the faith of the match. ICC is involved with some of the multinational companies. This is not good for the Cricket and its fans. Players are absolutely right in this case.

Mon Aug 26 22:01:25 2002
Name:Nikhil Agarwal
Your Views:The BCCI is a bad governing body and it does not think of the players but only think of themselves and they are in the pressure of the ICC.This new committee never backs the player but they only back the ICC This means they are scared of the ICC

Mon Aug 26 22:26:37 2002
Name:Dr. Vishwanath V. Sampagavi
Your Views:Games have evolved as a part of human civilization. They boost the physical & mental health of an individual. Olympic games were started in the olden times by different countries to forget their enemity and display the sporting instincts. These countries used to stop warring at least during this period. Look at the present global sporting scenario. Games have become issues of prestige, money making & quarrels. Sportsmen/ sportswomen should be free to participate anywhere they want: of course they are bound now, by citizenship & the representing country. The authorities involved in organising the games should see that utmost priority is given to the games; not the sponsorers. But now, such an authority organising the cricketing events on the globe, the ICC, seems to be upholding the sponsorers. It seems to have forgotten its 'responsibility' to make way for the best sportsmen/ sportswomen to participate in games. It is behaving as if it has 'sold itself ' to the sponsorers: in the process it is making players also sold out.

Tue Aug 27 00:39:21 2002
Your Views:the cricketers run the show & not the administrators. simple. why does the board want to steal the pie from the cricters by blackmailing them ( with select words like..are you playing for the country..etc).that was very cheap from the ICC, good try though.naah, the people are all for the players. sorry, the ICC & the boards got it all wrong.

Tue Aug 27 02:51:24 2002
Your Views:The refusal by the players to play under icc & bcci terms is highly nonsense and should be condemned by every indian. What we learn from these is that the players are for fond of money only and not the country. these money crazy cricketers are yet to recover from the money factor which they get as good sums from different sponsors. we have to lay our heads in shame for having such players in our team. bcci should give an opportunity for the other players (15 persons only from 1000 millions people) and we should be in a position to accept the victory or failure. bcci should ensure that once they do not sign now, they shall not be considered in future for any recognised matches.This will teach a good lesson to the money craze cricketers.

Tue Aug 27 03:30:50 2002
Your Views:Dear Editor, Im happy this crisis has come up. I hope it doesnt end quickly and prolong for a long time for the following reasons: 1) It is a whip to the ICC and BCCI that it shouldnt take players for granted. Both the ever-greedy BCCI and haughty Speed's ICC are terribly at fault in this case. 2) It is a whip up to the players themselves who make enormous amount of money at the expense of the people in the name of the game. 3) It is a wake up call for the Indian sports fans to concentrate more on other useful sports than just on one game. I hope this crisis will help the people to divert their attention away from actual cricket - thereby letting the players climb down from cloud 9 and distribute the people's enthusiasm among other sports. I sincerely hoped that the cricket craze would take a beat during the Hansiegate scandal, but the effect is not too much. More crisis like this will only help India's productivity in the long run. I also thank Dalmiya and Speed and others for precipitating such a crisis and pray to create more such crisis.

Tue Aug 27 10:26:05 2002
Name:randhir jain
Your Views:In my view I support india player's for signing any contract with any body. Further ICC & BCCI should not bind them for any such contract which will result against the country & players.Our players have full confedence in their Board & it will not affect their carriers.

Tue Aug 27 11:10:03 2002
Name:Niranjan M Railkar
Your Views:Mr Malcolm Speed, is talking about all this because he wants player to sign contract but player should not because Malcolm Speed(ICC) gets major part of money from BCCI which brought them in to problem in southafrica issue now they wants ICC to come up so the dont mind crushing players RIGHT. this ICC act is totally against law i will suggest Indian player not to sign contract if required they can even stop playing ICC/international cricket tournament we can raise our indian first class cricket to high level and attract sponsership all indian should support indian crickters i am sure ICC will have to come down. I dont understand why BCCI(DOLLARMAya) is so much siding ICC i ask him whats great for him Indian(Player) of ICC Officals.

Tue Aug 27 12:01:42 2002
Your Views:The board should have consulted the players atleast the prominet and former cricketers before signing any agreement. The country afterall expects only the players to perform and not the board. So any decision should be in favour of the players and not the board.

Tue Aug 27 12:49:46 2002
Name:santanu vyas
Your Views:it's not all about money but it's about a promise which a player makes with his sponsers.So BCCI should help players, instead of messing up with indian team otherwise people might not watch ICC knockout tournament.

Tue Aug 27 13:24:25 2002
Your Views: the BCCI has to support the players.There is no question of patriotism.Because cricket happens to be a popular game they are paid that money. All of a sudden one cannot create such rules when ICCI knows that it will be against the interest of the players.It should not be imposing such restrictions.

Tue Aug 27 13:33:05 2002
Name:ms.ruturaj zadbuke.
Your Views: As an Indian all cricket players must play for the country first.The commercial aspect must be a secondary thing.They have already received love & respect from Indians so they should respect the feelings of Indians. thank you.