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The Answers :

6th October, 2001

Name: Kiran D. Suryanarayan
Query: Hi Mohandas Menon, Your interpretation given below is absolutely wrong. The team batting second does not win the match, the match is declared a Tie. I distinctly remember a match between India and Zimbabwe about 5 years ago, when a similar thing happened. Robin Singh scored 51 off about 32 balls, but he was run out off the last ball of the match which was a wide. The match was declared a tie. I think the non-striker was Venkatesh Prasad. "Name: Satish anandan Query: What happens if in ODI - A side chasing a target who has lost 9 wkts and of the last ball of the 50th over (stipulated) needs one run. The ball is wide (it is counted as runs) and he get run out, then in that scenario my question is - Since the side chasing gets all out what will be the definition of the match i.e. Won by 1 wkt. or won the match - since chasing a target u have to either win by wickets in hand. I need your enlightment in this query with complete details. satish Mohandas Menon: The team batting will win since the wide ball precedes the run-out and as such the runout will not be counted. "?

Mohandas Menon:
Reg: the Ind-Zim match at Paarl on 27-1-1997, which u are referring is not correct, since India needed two runs off the last ball and not one. The match was declared as a tie, since they equalled Zimbabwe's 236 with the wide. Had India need just a single run before the last ball, the match would have been awarded to India since the wide ball precedes the run-out and as such the runout would not be counted. Also pls refer to Law 25 (Wide ball) Item 5: Penalty of one run shall be awarded instantly on call of wide ball. This penaly shall stand even if a batsman is dismissed. Also refer to Law 21 (the result): Item 6 (a): As soon as the result is reached, the match is at an end. Nothing that happens thereafter shall be regarded as part of it.

Name: Mrinal Wani
Query: Rahul Dravid recently crossed 4000 runs in Test cricket. He has done so in less number of matches than the great Sachin Tendulkar. In fact in reaching multiples of 1000 runs he has been quicker than Sachin in the number of matches taken. This would partly be due to his earlier batter order position of number 3. What are the number of innings taken by each? I would also appreciate if you could show the scoring rate in the # of matches & # of innings taken by all Indian batsmen in multiples of 1000's. Thanks

Mohandas Menon:
Least matches and Innings to 1000 runs by Indian Test batsmen
Indian Players Mtch Inn NO Ave HS 100s 0s Test Vs Series
SM Gavaskar 11 21 5 62.50 220 4 1 4th Eng 1972-73
VG Kambli 12 14 2 83.33 227 4 0 1st WI 1994-95
S Ramesh 13 25 2 43.48 143 2 2 1st Aus 2000-01
VS Hazare 13 25 4 47.62 145 3 0 5th WI 1948-49
RS Dravid 14 23 4 52.63 148 1 0 5th WI 1996-97
SV Manjrekar 14 23 3 50.00 218 3 1 2nd Eng 1990
SC Ganguly 15 23 2 47.62 147 3 3 1st SL 1997-98
AL Wadekar 15 30 2 35.71 143 1 3 2nd NZ 1969-70
DN Sardesai 15 27 3 41.67 200* 1 3 4th NZ 1964-65

Name: Gulam Ghouse
Query: Dear sir, may I know who is the best captain for India in both one & test cricket of all times.?

Mohandas Menon:
According to the old-timers Col CK Nayudu in thirties was considered as one of the best, while Lala Amarnath in the forties and Nawab of Pataudi junior in the sixties were also regarded as good captains. However if one has to go by just statistics then the most successful is Mohammad Azharuddin who has 14 wins as captain in 47 Tests matches and 90 wins in ODIs in 174 matches.

Name: Sandip
Query: Respected sir, this refers to our match in which we allowed the opposition batsmen to have a runner as he demanded one after playing a couple of deliveries. at the time of fielding the same batsmen who happened to be their prime bowler bowled, inspite of taking a runner after claiming injury. is it allowed that a batsman bats with a runner & also bowls afterwards while fielding. i would like to know if there is any law regarding this. awaiting reply

Mohandas Menon:
The Law does not specify that a batsman who had earlier used a runner cannot bowl at a later stage. The final decision is with the umpire, who can stop the bowler if he feels that he had resorted to unfair practice by using a runner earlier. Moreover, the decision if a batsman can be allowed a runner rests with the fielding captain.

Name: Om
Query: If the ball hits the gloves of abatsman when his hand is not in contact with the bat and gets caught is he out?

Mohandas Menon:
No! the ball has to hit the glove which has some part of the bat.

Name: Rakesh Trigunait
Query: Tillakratne coming in the Lankan team after 2 years scored a century today. Similarly in the past there have been instances of out of form players, players coming after a lay off or debut have played stellar knocks again and revived their careers. Although readers won't like to see this data, I would request you to please furnish data of all such instances in Tests and ODIs and the match details?

Mohandas Menon:
There have been several such instances in Test cricket. However the record is held by West Indian GM Carew who made a comeback after a gap of over 13 years in 1947-48 having last played in January 1935, when he scored 107 against England at Port of Spain in February 1948. Further please note that Tillkeratne was playing in third match after his 2-year comeback when he scored his hundred and hence will not qualify in any of the above cases.

Name: Sanker
Query: How does a captain declare an innings formally ? I mean, does he tell the umpire or the captain of the opponent team ? What is the process ?

Mohandas Menon:
Refer The Laws of Cricket, 2000 Code - Law 14.3 on Declaration
3. Notification
A captain shall notify the opposing captain and the umpires of his decision to declare or to forfeit an innings.(Normally, the captain comes out of the pavilion and waves his hands so as to indicate to his batsmen to return to the pavilion).

Name: Vinod
Query: Who would you rate as THE player, who made a promising start (in India and rest of the world) and for no good reason disappeared from the world of cricket?

Mohandas Menon:
I can think of many such players... among Indians I can think of Narendra Hirwani and Vinod Kambli. Then there was this Australian Ian Craig, who at a very young age promised much but failed to deliver. He made his Test debut at 17 years - still the youngest Australian to do so. He played last of his 11 Tests just before his 23rd birthday. He was also the youngest to lead Australia in a Test match.

Name: Jugnu
Query: Which team scored highest runs on day one of Test Cricket?

Mohandas Menon:
588 runs were scored by England (398-6) and India (190-0) at Manchester on 27 July 1936 - the seocnd day of the Test match.

Name: Amar
Query Why is not there a standard on the size of the cricket grounds on which Internatinal Cricket can be played? The main concern here are grounds like Auckland where one can easily score six with a sweep where as the same shot in a ground like Melbourne would result in may be a catch. With this in mind, statistics related to sixes and fours are a bit 'diluted', I should say?

Mohandas Menon: I agree with your views. The ICC should definitely standardise the size of cricket grounds, at least in Test and ODI matches.

Name: Munno
Query: Mr.MM, Just curious,what does south paw mean and where and how did it originate in cricket?

Mohandas Menon:
Southpaw is an American slang which means a person who is left-handed. The origin is American. SOUTH + PAW: is the ballpark in Chicago (c. 1885) and was so located that the pitcher's left arm was toward the south. A left-handed baseball pitcher is normally called southpaw. There is no such record to indicate when the term was first used in cricket. However it is felt that the term was perhaps first used by Australian cricket journalists to indicate a left handed batsman.

Name: S Gopi
Query:Dear sir, Can you please inform me which batsman or batsmen other than the great Don Bradman has/have the distinction of averageing over 50-plus runs right from his first Test to his last?

Mohandas Menon: Don Bradman does not hold this record since he scored only 18 and 1 in his first Test match. In fact Bradamn started averaging over 50-plus from his fourth innings onwards which was his second Test match of his career. The only batsman who has this unique distinction is England's Herbert Sutcliffe, who in 54 Tests and 84 innings, from 1924 to 1935 never averaged less than 60 runs, let alone 50 runs. He finally aggregated 4555 runs and finished with a career average of 60.73."



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