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Ever had a question relating to cricket
and didn't know who to ask it to ?

Now you know -- bounce your statistical queries of Rediff's resident expert. Each week, he will pick up ten questions and provide the answers, as fast as you can think up the questions.



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The Answers :

14th August, 2001

Name: Mani shankar
Query: I would like to ask the expert who in test match cricket has the highest strike rate (among batsmen who are well recognized in this form of the game).is this comparable to the same in ODI's?

Mohandas Menon:
Test cricket calls for a batsman's endurance and staying powers at the crease unlike in ODIs when a batsman has to score quickly. So the comparation of strike rates between a Test player and an ODI player should not be made.

Name: Siddharth

Mohandas Menon:
Dennis Amiss (103) of England against Australia at Manchester on 24 Aug 1972.

Name: Satish anandan
Query: What happens if in ODI - A side chasing a target who has lost 9 wkts and of the last ball of the 50th over (stipulated) needs one run. The ball is wide (it is counted as runs) and he get run out, then in that scenario my question is - Since the side chasing gets all out what will be the definition of the match i.e. Won by 1 wkt. or won the match - since chasing a target u have to either win by wickets in hand. I need your enlightment in this query with complete details. satish

Mohandas Menon:
The team batting will win since the wide ball precedes the run-out and as such the runout will not be counted.

Name: Ganesh Krishnamoorthy
Query: I read your article about the contribution of the last batsman. All other test teams have players in the lower order who make some contribution with the bat. In Indian team, this sadly is not so. My question is: how many times our last 5 batsmen have scored more than 50 runs? Can we have a comparison with other teams please?

Mohandas Menon:
The full list in ODIs is as follows. Please note that no batsman in ODIs has scored a score over 50 while batting at number 10 and 11.
India (24): 19 (#7); 4 (#8); 1 (#9), nil (#10) , nil (#11)
Australia (19): 14 (#7); 4 (#8); 1 (#9), Nil (#10) , nil (#11)
England (4): 3 (#7); 1 (#8); Nil (#9), Nil (#10) , nil (#11)
N Zealand (26): 18 (#7); 8 (#8); nil (#9), nil (#10) , nil (#11)
Pakistan (27): 17 (#7); 9 (#8); 1 (#9), nil (#10) ,nil (#11)
S Africa (19): 7 (#7); 8 (#8); 4 (#9), nil (#10) ,nil (#11)
S Lanka (21): 14 (#7); 6 (#8); 1 (#9), nil (#10) ,nil (#11)
W Indies (15): 7 (#7); 6 (#8); 2 (#9), nil (#10) ,nil (#11)
Zimbabwe (11): 7 (#7); 3 (#8); 1 (#9), nil (#10) ,nil (#11)

Name: Anand Balan
Query: How was the average of Atherton against Mcgrath (12.00 according to Wisden) calculated? Can you provide some more examples (like Tendulkar vs McGrath or Lara vs McGrath). Thanks, Anand

Mohandas Menon:
This can be canculated only from the ball to ball scoresheets, otherwise such statistical data is not possible. In the case of Atherton and McGrath, we need to check all the ball to ball scoresheets played between these two players and then list all the balls faced by Atherton off the bowling of McGrath. From this infomation we can work out the average for Atherton against the Australian bowler.

Name: Ishani
Query: Who are best all-rounders in world cricket at the moment?

Mohandas Menon:
My favourites at the moment are: Jacques Kallis (SA), Chris Cairns (NZ), Abdur Razzaq, Azhar Mahmood (Pak) and Sanath Jayasuriya (SL).

Name: V Pandit
Query: Has any debutant tail end batsman top-scored in a Test innings?

Mohandas Menon:
This has occured only once in a Test match when Sri Lankan left-armer Jayanta Amerasinghe on debut batting at number 11 against New Zealand at Kandy in 1983-84 scored 34 to top-score the Sri Lankan innings.

Name: Rushi patel
Query: If a bowler while delivering a ball touches the stumps at the non striker`s end and the bails are dislodged, what is the umpire`s decision? does he call a no-ball, a dead ball or allows the game to continue? are there any instances when an umpire has called a no ball or a dead ball in that situation?

Mohandas Menon:
In such instances the umpires will allow the game to continue as the dismissed batsman is not obstructed when the bails are dislodged. I do not recall any instances when an umpire has called a no ball or a dead ball in such situations.

Name: Ramanathanc
Query: Hello, I love ur stastics on cricket. I have cut out everyone of them from hindu. Going by India's victories by chasing ,i cant seem to find an instance where sachin has hit the winning runs for us.he either gets out before or finds himself in the wrong end.i would like to know WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME SACHIN HIT THE WINNING RUNS FOR INDIA? please reply.thank you.

Mohandas Menon:
In Test cricket it has happened on four occasions when Tendukar was at the wicket when India won the match (these instances does not indicate that he actually hit the winning run).
44 not out v New Zealand at Kanpur 1999-00
36 not out v Zimbabwe at Bulawayo, 2001-02
9 not out v England at Calcutta, 1992-93
0 not out v New Zealand at Bangalore, 1995-96

Name: S Gopi
Query: Dear sir, Can you please inform me which batsman or batsmen other than the great Don Bradman has/have the distinction of averageing over 50-plus runs right from his first Test to his last.

Mohandas Menon:
Don Bradman does not hold this record since he scored only 18 and 1 in his first Test match. In fact Bradamn started averaging over 50-plus from his fourth innings onwards which was his second Test match of his career. The only batsman who has this unique distinction is England's Herbert Sutcliffe, who in 54 Tests and 84 innings, from 1924 to 1935 never averaged less than 60 runs, let alone 50 runs. He finally aggregated 4555 runs and finished with a career average of 60.73.

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