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April 28, 2001

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Ask the experts

The Answers

Name: Shrikant
Question: Can you please tell us the Home and Away test records against each county, of the late Sir Don Bradman, Vivian Richards, Brian Lara, Gary Sobers and Sachin Tendulakar.

Click for their records:
Sir Don Bradman
Viv Richards
Gary Sobers
Brian Lara
Sachin Tendulkar

Name: Mayuresh Deshpande
Question: Certainly Sachin's heroics in Sharjah tournament 1998 are unforgettable! But Can you tell me how many times, was he nominated as man of the match for his batting effort in matches we won while were chasing? Also how many times has he won the MoM in One Dayers including the one in Indore?

Mohandas: Including the Indore match, Tendulkar has won 38 Man of the match awards in ODIs, which is by far the maximum by any player in ODI history. On 23 occasions he has won the award while batting second. Out of these 23 instances - India has won on 21 times while losing only twice - both to Australia - in successive matches - at Sharjah - on 19-4-1998 when Australia won by 58 runs, when Tendulkar scored 80. Three days later on 22-4-1998, Australia once again won on a better run-rate when Tendulkar made his famous 143 while batting again batting second.

Name: sricharan
Question: Who is the most successful indian captain and who is most successful as a player while being a captain ?Can u provide us with the data abt the success of captains around the world ?

Mohandas: In terms to most wins Mohammad Azharuddin has the best record among Indian Test captains - 14 wins in 47 matches, while Gavaskar has only 9 wins also in 47 matches. However in terms is % wins - Ganguly with four wins in six matches has the best win% of 66.67. In all Tests West Indian CLive Lloyd qho has won 36 Tests in 74 matches is the best, while Australian Warwick Armstrong has a win% of 80.00 - eight wins in 10 matches (with two draws).

Name: Bh.V.Subba Rao
Question: mr menon, i would like to know the no. of times,by whom, and against whome, in test cricket, all the 11 players bowled.

Mohandas: This has happened only twice in Test cricket history. All 11 England players bowlers bowled during Australia's score of 551 at the Oval, London on August 12, 1884. In fact in this Test match Australia became the first team in Test cricket to score over 500 runs. Interestingly WG Grace kept wickets for some time thus allowing regular keeper Alfred Lyttelton to bowl during Australia's innings. He went on to claim four wickets - his figures being 12-5-19-4 - which still remains the best bowling performance by a wicket-keeper in Test cricket. Lord Harris, later the Governor of the Bombay Presidency in 1890s, was the England captain.

Then nearly 95 years later, on March 11, 1980 all 11 Australians bowled in Pakistan's innings of 382-2 at Faisalabad. Australia batting upto the fourth afternoon while scoring 617 runs, hardly left any time for Pakistan to bat more than once. So on the last day the Australians made all their 11 players to bowl, including their keeper Rodney Marsh (skipper Greg Chappell kept wickets after tea on the final day). Not surprisingly both the above Tests were boring drawn matches.

Name: Ashwin Honkan
Question: I looked up Sachin's test career record and found that he has a very poor average (27 or so) in the 4th innings of a match that India lost or drew. Ditto in the 2nd innigs of a match after following on. There is only one match, vs Eng in 1990 that he helped India save by hitting a 100 in the 4th innings. Could you please check if my observations are correct ? It seems he does not perform well under pressure to help India save a match, something that Gavaskar and Viswanath were famous for. Thanks, Ashwin

Mohandas: You seem to right in your observations. Except for his maiden Test hundred (119*) against England at Manchester in 1990, where Tendulkar not only saved the match (with Manoj Prabhakar) but with little luck could have won that Test for us. We ultimately fell short by just 64 runs with still four wickets in hand.

Incidentally all the Indian batsmen (including Gavaskar and Vishwanath) have a very poor record in the fourth innings. For your information, except for the famous Port of Spain match in 1976 where India created a world record by chasing over 400 runs to win a Test, India has never won a Test match even while chasing a small total over 257 runs (India beat Australia at the Brabourne Stadium by 2 wkts in 1964 while scoring 256-8 in the fourth innings).

Name: rishi
Question: Everyone is going gaga over Australia's seemingly over stated and often misleading statistic - stating that for the past 31 odd years Australian's haven't been able to claim the title of 'victor' in a test series against India in India. Correspondingly, would be kind enough to let everyone know when was the last time India won a test series in Australia against Australia? Thankz..

Mohandas: India has never won a Test series in Australia. The details are as follows
1947-48: Australia won 4-0 (out of 5 matches)
1967-68: Australia won 4-0 (out of 4 matches)
1977-78: Australia won 3-2 (out of 5 matches) - this despite - without their
                 top players (because of the Packer circus)
1980-81: Series drawn 1-1 (out of 3 matches)
1985-86: Series drawn 0-0 (out of 3 matches) - this is perhaps the only
                 series which we should have won 2-0 - two of the matches were
                 interrupted due to rain, with India having the upper-hand.
1991-92: Australia won 4-0 (out of 5 matches)
1999-00: Australia won 3-0 (out of 3 matches)

Name: Biju Paul
Question: If, while taking a run, the batsman hits the wicket with his person or bat and unlodges the bail, what would be the result?

Mohandas: If the batsman hits the wicket/or bails with his bat or body in the process of taking a run it has no consequences and the batsman can continue to take as many runs as possible. However on the other hand if he dislodges the wickets or the bails while playing a stroke he is declared dismssed 'hit-wicket'.

Name:Govind Balasubramaniam
Question:Dear Sir, A freind and I were trying to recall instances in One Dayers when the batsman in the losing side had individually top-scored for the match. The first instance that comes to mind is Robin Smith's 167 vs Aus @ Leeds(?) 1993 (?) when Eng. lost.....Houghton 142 vs NZ...Sachin 140 -odd vs Aus Sharjah...etc. Are we on the right track? (I think so?) Please complete the list to date if you get the time. Thanks. Govind

Mohandas: The following batsmen (except for Jayasuriya) top-scored in an ODI match and yet finished on a losing side.

167* Robin Smith Eng v Aus Birmingham 1993
146 SR Tendulkar Ind v Zim Johdpur 2000-01
143 SR Tendulkar Ind v Aus Sharjah 1997-98
142 DL Houghton Zim v NZ Hyderabad 1987-88
140 Saeed Anwar Pak v Ind Dhaka 1997-98
140 ST Jaysuriya SL v NZ Bloemfontein 1994-95
137 SR Tendulkar Ind v SL New Delhi 1995-96
(Jayasuriya's 140 is the highest for a no-result match)

Name: Rajat
Question: Suppose a bowler (or any other fielder) takes a catch and then runs out the non-striker. The fielders don't appeal for the catch (although it's clear as daylight. Since a batsman is not out if there's no appeal, is the non-striker (who happens to be, say, a top-order batsman) run out?

Mohandas: In normal circumstances the batsman who is caught will be declared out, although no appeal is made. However finally it is upto the umpire to decide who is to be declared - "out". His decision is final

Name: samuel Johnson
Question: After sachin 's 10000, who is next on the list and where is he (what's his total) how many wkts has sachin got in tests and odi's - sam

Mohandas: The leading run scorers in ODIs (as on 24-4-2001) are given below. Among the contemporary players Aravinda deSilva (if he plays again), Mark Waugh, Saeed Anwar and Inzamam-ul-Haq are behind Tendulkar in terms of run aggregates. In Tests Tendulkar has 22 wickets, while in ODIs he has 101 wickets

Leading run scorers in ODIs
Batsman Runs For M Inn NO Ave HS 100 50 0
SR Tendulkar 10179 Ind 268 261 22 42.59 186* 28 51 12
M Azharuddin 9378 Ind 334 308 54 36.92 153* 7 58 9
DL Haynes 8648 WI 238 237 28 41.38 152* 17 57 13
PA de Silva 8432 SL 275 266 26 35.13 145 11 57 13
ME Waugh 8245 Aus 232 225 19 40.02 173 18 49 13
Saeed Anwar 8085 Pak 223 220 17 39.83 194 19 39 13
Inzamam-ul-Haq 7926 Pak 243 230 34 40.44 137* 7 59 10
A Ranatunga 7454 SL 269 255 47 35.84 131* 4 49 18
Javed Miandad 7381 Pak 233 218 41 41.70 119* 8 50 8
SR Waugh 7182 Aus 311 277 55 32.35 120* 3 41 15
Salim Malik 7171 Pak 283 256 38 32.89 102 5 47 19

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