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November 1, 2000

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The CBI Report -- Part 3

b)Betting Procedure:

The odds for a particular match are decided among bookies based on certain accepted criteria such as the relative strength of the two opposing teams previous record, pitch and weather conditions, team composition, etc. For example, if two teams, A and B, are scheduled to play and where A is perceived to be relatively weaker than B, then the ods may be 60 paise on B and 150 paise on A.

After these odds have been decided upon, primarily by bookies based in Mumbai, they are transmitted telephonically to bookies in different parts of India and betting starts. Punters place bets with concerned bookies over telephone. For example, if a punter places a bet of Rs 1 lakh on team B winning the match, he will get Rs 60,000, if team B actually wins.

On the other hand, if he places a bet on A winning the match and if A actually wins, he will get a sum of Rs 1,50,000. However, in case he loses his bet in either instance, then he pays a sum of one lakh which he placed as bet, to the concerned bookie. The whole betting procedure is a very flexible system in which odds keep changing during the course of the match depending on how the match is progressing and the punter can conclude and place fresh bets according to his judgement.

Without going into the intricacies of changing odds during the course of a match, it is emphasized that bookies generally manipulate the odds in such a manner that they seldom incur huge losses. It is generally the punter who risks losing his money. The odds which keep fluctuating as the match progresses, are transmitted to the bookies throughout India by mobile phone, pager or through the 'Dibba' system.

The 'Dibba' is a phone phone with speaker facility. The person operating the Dibba will normally have a mini exchange in which there are 10 to 12 incoming and around 100 outgoing lines. An operator will constantly receive the prevailing odds on the incoming lines from the big bookies. These odds are in turn passed constantly on to the other bookies/punters through the outgoing lines from the phone, using the speaker facility.

The outgoing lines are also used by bookies/punters throughout India for the latest information about prevailing odds at Mumbai. The outgoing lines are kept energized throughout the match. Our enquiry has disclosed that primarily the owners of STD booths act as conduits in this sort of communication network. The operations of betting syndicate in India are in the nature of a cartel. This primarily means that there are no two groups of bookies who fix odds at widely differing rates. This, to a degree, ensures that there is no cut-throat competition which harms the interests of bookies.

In spite of this, if there are any differences regarding any particular match, these are sorted out mutually among themselves. c) Major Bookies and Punters: Some of the important bookies and punters who have emerged as key figures in the enquiry due to their connections with the cricketers in one way or the other are:

1) Mukesh Kumar Gupta aka MK, aka John, C-538, Defence Colony, Delhi
2) Anil Steel, 2/0 312, Luxmichand House, 1st Floor, Telung Road, Matunga, Bombay
3) Anand Saxena, 3562, Gali Thank Singh, Sita Ram Bazar, Delhi and D-84, Defence Colony, New Delhi
4) Shobhan Mehta, 1503 and 1504, Deepak Jyoti Building, Kala Choki, Mumbai -33.
5) Uttam Chand, 145, North Usman Road, First Floor, T Nagar, Chennai
6) Naveen Sachdeva aka Tinkoo, 41/7, Second Floor, Punjab Bagh (East), New Delhi
7) Deepak Rajouri, A-120, Vishal Enclave, Delhi - 27
8) Sanjeev Sacher, aka Babloo, 18/18-A, Moti Nagar, New Delhi

1) Ajay Gupta, 41 Rajpur Road, Civil Lines, Delhi
2) AmeeshGupta, 34/1 East Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi
3) Gyan Gupta, 34/1, East Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi
4) Nishit Goyal, 8/3, Ram Kishore Road, Civil Lines, Delhi - 54
5) Sanjeev Kohli aka Tipu Kohli, D-14, South Extension, Part-II, New Delhi
6) Ratan Mehta, W-38, Panchsheel Enclave, 2nd Floor, New Delhi and A-13/8, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi
7) PawanPuri, Puri Farm House, Mehrauli, Gurgaon Road, New Delhi
8) S anjay Anand, 1-33, Kirti Nagar, New Delhi - 15
9) Rajesh Kalra, S-252, Ist Floor, Greater Kailash Part, Part - II , New Delhi

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