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November 1, 2000

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The CBI Report in Full -- Part 11

Sanjeev Sacher alias Babloo Sanjeev Sacher alias Babloo

, another bookie of Delhi stated that he got into cricket betting around 3-4 years ago and for the past 2 years or so he had become a bookie along with his friend Navin Sachdeva aka Tinku who is his partner. One Ameesh Gupta, son of Gyan Gupta studied in the same school as himself and was on very friendly terms with both himself and Tinku.

Ameesh Gupta is also a keen punter and he is the single biggest customer for himself and Tinku. The amount of bets by Ameesh Gupta range from Rs 1-10 lakhs depending on the matches. Babloo stated that he further placed bets with bigger bookies of Delhi like Deepak Rajouri, Hans, Amarjeet, Jony, Pankaj etc.

Naveen Sachdeva alias Tinku Naveen Sachdeva alias Tinku stated that for the past 2 years or so he has been a part time bookmaker with his friend Sanjeev Sacher alias Babloo. They maintained books mainly for one Ameesh Gupta with whom he studied during his school days. It was Ameesh Gupta who encouraged them to become bookies and he is their key customer.

He has contacts with other bookies of Delhi including Deepak Rajouri and Amarjeet. On being asked, he stated that he did not personally know Ajay Gupta or Gyan Gupta. He believed that the bets placed by Ameesh Gupta were in their knowledge. He also stated that Ameesh Gupta was most probably in Dubai for the past 2-3 months and when he placed bets, he used cell phone numbers: 98-111-07775 and 98-100-54395.

Statement of Jai Bhagwan Gupta Jai Bhagwan Gupta stated that Gyan Gupta's brother's wife was his sister. Ajay Gupta, Ameesh Gupta and Gyan Gupta used to place bets through him and he used to place those bets further with Poley and Hans, both bookies of Delhi.

On being asked why the aforesaid persons placed bets through him when they could have done directly when some bookie, he stated that he had requested them to do so since he also used to make some money in the bargain. Statement of Nishit Goel Nishit Goel stated that one Ajay Gupta is his cousin and both of them own petrol pumps and have been members of the Roshanara Club for the past 8 years or so.

He knows one Sanjay Anand who is also a member of Roshanara Club, and Sharma since the latter is also an honorary member of Roshanara Club and used to coach the children of club members. Ajay Sharma also knows his cousin Ajay Gupta. In May, 1998, Goel was present during a meeting which took place in Ajay Gupta's office.

The others present included Ajay Sharma, Sanjay Anand and perhaps Ameesh Gupta and Gyan Gupta. At that meeting, an offer of Rs. 5 lakhs each was made to Ajay Sharma and Sanjay Anand if they could help in getting Azharuddin to fix matches for them. Both of them accepted the offer and promised that they would talk to Azharuddin.

However, he claimed that no money was paid to them in his presence. But, Sanjay Anand, sometime thereafter, had told him that he was paid Rs. 5 lakhs by Ajay Gupta and party for helping them to rope in Azharuddin. He had also heard that the India-Pakistan one-day match in 1999 at Jaipur was fixed by Ajay Gupta and party through Azhar and they had made good money on that.

Nishit Goel claimed that he himself was a punter and had placed bets with some of the bookies of Delhi, including Surender Mandi. According to him, sometime in July, 1998, there was a series in Sri Lanka and Azharuddin had agreed to lose certain matches as part of the deal with Ajay Gupta and party, but since those were won by India, he had heard that Ajay Gupta and party lost a lot of money.

Again, sometime in September-October, 1998, Ajay Gupta and Ameesh Gupta had perhaps visited Toronto during the Sahara Cup and tried to fix some matches through Azhar. But again, things did not work out and they had lost a lot of money. He had heard that in July, 1999 during the World Cup, Ajay Gupta and Ameesh had visited England. Nishit Goel further stated that he had heard than an amount of Rs. 25 lakhs was paid by Ajay Gupta and party to Azharuddin initially.

He was, however, not present during this payment. He was introduced to Azharuddin by Ajay Sharma at Hotel Taj Palace, New Delhi and thereafter met him once or twice. He accepted that he had made some payments towards Azharuddin's stay in Hotel Taj Palace, Delhi 2-3 times since Ameesh Gupta had asked him to do so. However, he could not satisfactorily explain why he had made those payments and stated that he was very close to Ajay Gupta and Gyan Gupta and he made those payments at their request.

As far as he knows, Gyan Chand Gupta, Ajay Gupta and Ameesh Gupta have been punters for the past 3-4 years. They have been placing bets with various bookies of Delhi including Tinku and Babloo and also through one Jai Gupta of Rajouri Garden, who is related to Gyan Gupta.

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