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August 1, 2000

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Indian Cricket Vision Statement

Editor's note: The vision statement, as presented by the BCCI to Sports Minister Sukhdev Singh Bhindsa, spans 25 pages. We are hereby reproducing those pages in full -- but don't worry, you won't have to wade through 25 pages of close type. Because the actual document is in the form of a slide show -- with just about 25, 30 words per page. Read on, for the verbatim report:

Approach Paper -- Presented by Dr A C Muthaiah, President, BCCI

Cricket -- A Global Game

Cricket's boundary exists only in the field -- as a game it transcends national boundaries
Cricket is played in 56 countries across six of the world's seven continents
It transcends social, racial and cultural barriers
BCCI is helping to make cricket even more global
Quality management and sound judgement will dictate the growth of the game in India in the years to come.


Cricket is a valued part of India's heritage and way of life
In India cricket is treated with reverence, almost like a religion
BCCI, as the game's administrator, is fully aware of the passion cricket supporters hold for the great game and the interest they have evinced in cricket issues
BCCI will strive to protect the values of the game.

Objectives of BCCI

BCCI has identified the following set of core objectives that promulgate the spirit of the game
a) To promote the game in India to ensure outstanding success in the international arena
b) To preserve and protect the ethical values of the game
c) To enhance the entertainment values of the game through innovative measures

Mission Statement

a) To nurture the growth of the hallowed game of cricket in India
b) To preserve and promote the traditions of the game
c) To enable Indian teams to excel on the field whilst displaying the highest ethics and values of the game.

BCCI's Role in - maintenance of values

a) BCCI's strategic planning process has recognised the importance of of protecting the values that have been instilled in cricket over many years.
b) BCCI is stringent in its approach towards identifying and eliminating unfair practices and protecting the cultural diversity of cricketers in India.
c) Ensure that the game is played according to the laws and spirit of the game.
d) BCCI promotes respect, mutuality and honour amongst players, umpires and others
e) BCCI has blended cricket using commercial support to boost the popularity of the game.

BCCI and its stakeholders

a) BCCI is one of the members of the International Cricket Council (ICC).
b) ICC has 55 members' countries with three types of members: Full (10 members); Associate (25); Affliate (20). Only countries with Full membership play Test Matches.
c) BCCI's key stakeholders include the cricket loving public and the media.

Decision making process

a)Decision making process -a truly democratic way.
b)Specified decisions are taken at special/annual general meetings.
c)Various administrative/other decisions are taken at working committee meetings.
d)Various aspects of administration is deliberated and recommended by various committees under the overall superintendence of the president.

Indian Team.

a) BCCI currently field senior/junior Indian teams.
b) Indian teams plays in both test matches and one-day internationals.
c) India Team Plays against touring international sides and conducts tours overseas.
d) BCCI’s selection policy states that the selectors should pick the Indian side most likely to win match and /or series.


a) Indian team recently won second under-19 world cup and Asian cricket Annual under 15 tournament. It won world cup-1983. It entered semi-finals in world cup-1987. It did extremely well in world cup 1996 and in super six-world cup 1999.
b) Test matches - India is in No.4 position with 436 per cent win ratio (South Africa -75, Australia -62, Pakistan -53.
c) Aim to achieve No.3 position immediately and No. 1 soon there after.
d) ODI -India is in No.3 position with 35 per cent win ratio (South Africa and Australia -712, Pakistan-51). Aim to achieve No.2 position immediately and No.1 soon there after.
e) Average win ratio - India is in No. 4 position with 41 per cent (south Africa-73 Australia -66, PAKISTAN 52. AIM TO ASCHEIVE No.3 position immediately and No. 2 soon there after.
f) Matches played in the proceeding 5 seasons taken. Total test matches played (where results known) Australia’s 46, South Africa 32, Pakistan 31, India 23.
g) Total ODI matches played 9where results known (Australia 126, South Africa 120, Pakistan 159, and India 165.

Providing direction

a) To provide over all direction to the game of cricket at different levels-school, colleges, clubs and corporates houses.
b) To ensure that India cricket is well equipped to meet the challenges of the new millennium.
c) To provide direction and vision for all aspects of Indian Cricket.
d) To allow Indian cricket players to perform both on and off the field.
e) To ensure that more people benefit from out great game, whether they are playing it or watching it.
f) To elevate the importance of coaching role at all levels of cricket.

Future goals

a) To ensure that India remains the top 3 team of the world in the next 5 years.
b) To prepare a team capable of winning world cup 2002. To make nationals level tournaments more potent, attractive and competitive.
c) To enhance the quality of physical and mental fitness of the players.
d) To reinforce the role of clubs/district associations to help in maximizing the success of state and India Teams.
e) To create excellent infrastructure for the game in India.
f) To attain Excellency in Coaching.
g) To enhance the quality of umpiring.
h) To formulate guidelines to be followed by state Associations to attain BCCI’s vision.
i) To defend and promote the spirit of cricket.

Action Plan for the future.

a) The board contours of the plan encompass the following:
b) Setting up of national coaching academy.
c) Creation of web site for the cricket board.
d) Introduction of video feed back system. Nomination of medical panel to determine the fitness of players.
e) Nomination of medical panel to determine the age of the players of junior cricket.
f) Payment of fees on the basis of player’s performance.
g) Payment of international matches allowance and logo money on the basis of gradation.
h) Providing Physical training equipment to all state Associations.

Strengthening of the BCCI office

Introduction of captain's report on umpires for the matches in junior tournaments
a) Discussions on the observers report in the standing committee.
b) Establishment of museum on cricket
c) Conducting of specialist coaching camps
d) Long term planning for the 2002 WC to start immediately
e) More emphasis on junior and 'A' team
f) Strengthening of the BCCI office
g) Construction of HQ for BCCI
h) Introduction of players welfare scheme

For state associations

a) Playing of national level tournaments to be made mandatory
b) Improvement in the physical fitness standards thru intorduction of physio instructor, physio therapist, sports medicine nutrition program throughout the country
c) Improvement in mental toughness through psycho-analysis
d) Each state association to employ professional chief operating officer as executive secretary
e) Each state association will create atleast one ground of international standards with complete fitness facilities.
f) Establish national coaching council with coahces at the antional, zonal and state level.
g) Establish national umpiring council with umpires at the antional, zonal and state level.

Cricket academy-milestone

a) Twenty +plus players- age group 20-22 years and 20 additional players- age group 16-19 will be identified.
b) This group will be trained to become a player of international caliber
c) All service backup-with nutrition expert, psychologists, trainers, sports medicine experts etc. be provided.
d) Academy team would also visit overseas to get exposure of playing conditions of visiting countries.
e) Zonal academies will also be established

Cricket academy- Benefits

a) Spotting the talent and imparting knowledge methodically
b) Provide online coaching with e-cricket pro (Video feedback system using computers)
c) Potray talent with fact to enable decision making for selectors
d) All particicpants of the academy have access with professionals and coaches of all over the world.
e) It adopts scientific and technological savvy coaching methods

E-cricket pro becoming IT savvy

a) All matches are picturised in the video camera and then fed into computer system. Specialised software enabled viewer to select the pictures with innumerable alternatives.
b) To use exhaustively in national coaching academies.
c) Pre and post-match performance analysis of self and opposition.
d) Useful for online coaching of players
e) Can store video with data files of individual trainees/players.
f) To evolve strategic gameplan to improve win ratio
g) access through the central database by teams, coach, manager, zonal academies and all state associations.
h) To spot talent across the country
i) Video is used for research and analysis by the coaches
j) It enables the coaches to monitor and fine tune techniques of the players

Cricket Museum- An institution par excellence

a) It provides a holistic view of the Indian cricket history for all the cricket loving fans in the world
b) Central depository for the Indian cricket
c) Increase cricket awareness amongst the upcoming generation.
d) The wide Kiosks for visitors to view matches of their interest.
e) Gallery of alltime Indian cricket greats
f) Monument of the Indian cricket achievements
g) Virtual walkthrough of the history of Indian cricket
h) Enable this museum to be viewed worldwide through internet

Code of conduct- Promotion of ethical values

a) Players are obliged to report to team managers of any approach made by bookmakers, or the knowledge of any such approach made to any other player
b) Failure to make such reports is a punishable offence.
c) If a player is found guilty of accepting money from a bookmaker, penalty including suspension will be imposed.
d) All the players are appraised that betting and match-fixing are strictly prohibited
e) Warnings are issued to the players that bookmakers and betting syndicates might try to corrupt them and that they should be aware of the serious consequences of taking money from bookmakers.
f) Where approaches are made to players, by or on behalf of bookmakers, local police should be informed to enable initiation of criminal investigation.

Future prospects

a) A precursor tot he development of effective strategy for Indian cricket is a thorough understanding of the environment in which it operates.
b) An examination of this enviroment clearly shows that cricket exists in a world of fluctuating trends.
c) Demographic, economic, leisure and societal influences constantly impact cricket in India.
d) India's growing population indicates increase in viewer support base in the coming years.

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