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World's 10 fastest trains

April 22, 2015 17:51 IST

Japan now boasts of having the world’s fastest train. 

Image: Japan’s Maglev train sets a new record. Photograph: Reuters

And if a train with this speed runs in India, the distance from Delhi to Mumbai can be covered in 2 hours!

Though Japan and France have successfully tested trains at record speeds, China continues to be a leader in trains with high operational speed.

With a top speed of 574.8 km/hr, Train à Grande Vitesse (TGV) holds the world record for conventional trains.
With countries across the globe planning high-speed rail networks, let’s take a look at the world’s fastest trains…

Maglev train, Japan

A magnetic-levitation train operated by Central Japan Railway Co has set a world record of 603 kilometres per hour. However, the Japanese train travelled only one mile at 603 kph.

Beating China, France and Germany which have high speed rail networks, Japan has surged ahead with ambitious plans to build its high-speed maglev line from Tokyo to Nagoya and Osaka.

Photograph, courtesy: bigbug21/Wikimedia Commons

LGV Est, France

Speed: 574.8 km/hr

Tested in 2007, LGV Est europeenne earlier held the record of being the fastest train in the world.

Photograph, courtesy: SeeSchloss/Wikimedia Commons

LGV Atlantique, France

Speed: 515.3 km/hr

Opened in 1989-1990, the LGV Atlantique operates from Paris to Western France.

Photograph, courtesy: wiki05/Wikimedia Commons

Beijing–Shanghai HSR, China (CRH380BL)

Speed: 487.3 km/hr

The 1,318-kilometre long Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Railway high-speed railway connects the Bohai Economic Rim and the Yangtze River Delta.

Photograph, courtesy: Khalidshou/Wikimedia Commons

Beijing–Shanghai HSR (CRH380AL)

Speed: 486.1 km/hr

Built by South Locomotive & Rolling Stock Corporation Limited (CSR), the CRH380A held the world record for the fastest train at 486.1 km/hr.

Photograph, courtesy: Taxiarchos228/Wikimedia Commons

LGV Atlantique, France

Speed: 482.4 km/hr

Opened in 1989-1990, the LGV Atlantique is a high-speed railway line running from Paris (Gare Montparnasse) to Western France.

Photograph, courtesy: spaceaero2/Wikimedia Commons

Tokaido Shinkansen, Japan

Speed: 443.0 km/hr
Built by the Central Japan Railway Company (JR Central) in Japan in 1994, Shinkansen has an operating speed of 300 km/hr.

Photograph, courtesy: DAJF/Wikimedia Commons

Joetsu Shinkansen , Japan
Speed: 425.0 km/hr                

Operated by the East Japan Railway Company (JR East), Joetsu Shinkansen is a high-speed railway line connecting Tokyo and Niigata.

Photograph, courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Shanghai–Hangzhou HSR, China
Speed: 416.6 km/hr

CRH380A is one of the four Chinese train series designed to run on high-speed main lines.

Photograph, courtesy: Didier Duforest/Wikimedia Commons

LGV Sud-Est, France
Speed: 408.4 km/hr

France's first high-speed rail line, LGV Sud-Est links Paris and Lyon's suburbs.