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6 super cars that were movie stars too!

August 03, 2015 16:19 IST
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Superheroes have been embedded in our daily lives through comics and movies. 

Image: Black Beauty from the movie Green Hornet. Photograph, courtesy:

In fact, Hollywood is now more relying on the comic world of Marvel and DC to generate box office money than any other kind of script.

Superheroes also give us a sense of justice and the spirit of accomplishing the impossible. Therefore, whatever they do, impacts us and leaves an everlasting impression on us.

Automobiles in movies always have a tendency to grab our attention but when it comes to superhero movies, the level of extravagant automobiles just amps up by a massive margin.

So let us take a look at some of the top superhero automobiles that have been popular in the mainstream movies.

The Green Hornet's Black Beauty

The Black Beauty from the movie Green Hornet could have almost been the third superhero as the beautiful vehicle almost had every weapon in its arsenal, quite literally.

Essentially, The Black Beauty is a 1964-66 Chrysler Imperial which was re-done by a major character in the movie called Kato by adding in a GM performance ZZ454 550hp crate motor and teamed it with a race Trans Turbo 400 manual valve body transmission.

But it is the ammunition of the vehicle that really takes our breath away with the vehicle featuring suicide doors bolstered by 12 Gauge AR-15 machine guns, a hood that has mini-guns popping put from within, mini gun available in the boot and m2 flamethrower in the front grille.

Further, there are 12 front and rear missiles while giant spikes come out of the wheels as well. There is loads of armor plating to keep the vehicle safe from outside attacks.

Image: Fabulous Otto-Mobile. Photograph, courtesy:

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen's Otto Mobile

The League of Extraordinary Gentleman did not do all that well as far as the box office results were concerned, but the movie was remembered for quite a few things including the presence of actors like Sean Connery and Naseeruddin Shah and the fabulous Otto-Mobile.

The Otto-Mobile is what you call a "Maharaja Car" in the truest sense with the vehicle oozing royal feel from all angles. Just to give you an idea of the weight that the vehicle carries, the Otto-Mobile requires six wheels while the car is covered in ivory and silver.

Image: Iron Man's 32 Ford. Photograph, courtesy:

Iron Man's 32 Ford

Although Audi R8 has been dubbed as the official Iron Man car, it was the 32 Ford that made a lasting impression on most car enthusiasts.

If you remember a scene from the very first movie of the Franchise, you will see that it the bold red and yellow color theme of the Ford 32 that inspired Tony Stark to design his own Iron Man suit.

Optimus Prime from the Transformers

As the name suggests, Optimus Prime is not exactly a vehicle nor just a Robot.

The Leader of the Autobots in the Transformers movie franchise transforms into a Peterbilt 379 which is essentially a truck that is powered by some powerful numbers including a 379 power-plant.

The Batmobile from Batman vs Superman

The most famous Superhero vehicle by a long shot is the Batmobile. Everybody and anybody who has ever loved the genre of Superhero comics or Superhero movies has always been in awe of the Batmobile that is the ultimate battle vehicle.

The Batmobile has rocket thrusters that give it the required boost to take off from ramps. We have seen the iconic vehicle come to life in various Batman movies from George Barris using Lincon Futura concept to Cristopher Nolan using a tank like car in the Dark Knight.

The upcoming Batman vs Superman movie has shown hints of the new Batmobile that has a four wheel configuration, unlike the 6 wheel configuration that we have seen in the past.

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