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Car compare: Audi A4 takes on BMW 3 Series

Last updated on: September 19, 2014 17:33 IST

BMW 3 Series. Photograph: Kind Courtesy, BMW

In the entry-level premium car segment, the competition is getting more and more aggressive.

Auto makers are competing so aggressively that the end result is often an amazing car at an irresistible price. Two such examples are Audi A4 and BMW 3 series.

Of these two, which one takes the crown? Let’s find out.



The BMW is a stunning looking car with fantastic features that push it on the limit of great design and impressive performance, not to say that Audi isn’t pretty.

The design is refreshing, and the signature kidney grille is one that makes heads turn.

Often called the “ultimate 3”, groundbreaking new technology and beauty makes it a pretty wanted car.

There are long and stretched headlamps to give the most aggressive stance you could imagine, with a swooping long hood at the front to give you the impression of sheer masculinity, an attribute that is hard to ignore.



The Audi on the other hand, is more of a precision tool than an aggressive hawk. It is the epitome of refined engineering, and carries with it a superb lady like fabulousness and saves the aggression for the great bits under the hood.

The bonnet is much more three dimensional and the hexagonal shape adds to the effect, aiding in giving the A4 a sort of mature look while being classy. The four ring logo in the middle is a stupendous icing on the cake.

The car also gets a pair of sharp looking air inlets, xenon headlamps with LED technology, and a pair of angular fog lamps to help with low visibility problems in the most stylish way possible.



The BMW 3 Series gets short overhangs and a long wheelbase giving it the sporty edge while the Audi has a more poised posture indicating the difference with a silhouette that is meant to charm.

While the Bimmer is pointy and sharply laid out, the Audi machine is a plethora of flat surfaces, with a bone line flowing through all four sides of the car in a grand fashion.

Another point in the case when we take a look at the wheels on offer, there are 18” alloys on BMW 3 series while the Audi A4 gets a single option of 17”, further solidifying the characteristics discussed so far.

Some similarities however, emerge when we take a look at the pressed lip on the boot lid resembling in the slightest bit, a spoiler, which can be found on both cars, just like the presence of LED technology for the boot lamps.

The rest of the features are wide apart again even at the backend, with minor difference being the presence of reflective inserts on the rear bumper of the three series and the A4 inheriting a splitter.


BMW 3 Series interior. Photograph: Kind Courtesy, BMW

On the inside, the three series has interiors that are bright and airy, and if you have been into a lot of BMWs, then you’ll find that there is some sort of consistency on this.

The A4 on the other hand has managed to find elegance in the combination of grey shades that are on store.

Both cars come with astounding audio systems with bespoke features on each.

The 3-series comes with the famous iDrive system with plethora of options such as Bluetooth, Aux, USB, and navigation, while Audi’s MMi system gets a DVD player and MicroSD support in addition to the usual options of Bluetooth & Aux, but misses out on the USB feature. You’ll probably have to buy an accessory for that.

In terms of interior space and comfort, many will find the Audi A4’s cabin to be more comfortable because of the higher legroom and headroom.


Audi A4 interior. Photograph: Kind Courtesy, Audi

BMW 3-series is being offered with traditional 1995cc 184bhp diesel engine with 8-speed automatic transmission, while Audi A4 contains 1968cc oil mill that produces 174bhp coupled with Multitronic transmission system for smoother shift.

Audi A4 is also one up over BMW 3-series in case of ride quality, as it has been found that the suspension on the A4 does a much better job of absorbing bumps and shocks than the other.

There is also a considerably better sound insulation within A4 making for a pleasing and more relaxed drive in the car as compared to the BMW 3 series.

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