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India to be largest economy ahead of China, US by 2055: Godrej

October 28, 2014 09:47 IST
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Industry leaders on where they see the Indian economy 40 years on…

“India will be home to a fifth of humanity, its economy 16 times bigger than today, and one of the world's largest consumer markets. India will be a world better in many areas”

Kumar Mangalam Birla
Chairman, Aditya Birla Group 

“I see India being the largest economy in 40 years outpacing China and the US. I also see India as a developed country in 40 years”

Adi Godrej
Chairman, Godrej Group

“No large economy in the world has been able to provide its citizen sustainable income growth, ever higher standards of living and employment growth opportunity without the active participation of its business leadership and the growth and development of its manufacturing sector. Sadly, both have been lacking for the past 20 years. I would like to see this change and manufacturing return to its rightful place in the economy, providing employment and a solid foundation for sustainable growth“

Gautam Thapar
Founder and Chairman, Avantha Group 

“I see India among the top three nations globally. I hope that India will be distinguished by its entrepreneurial culture and an innovative model of inclusive growth and a nation independent in commodities and energy resources“

Sanjay Nayar
Head, KKR India 

“There are certainly good chances for India to play an important role on the global stage 40 years from now. India has the talent and the ability to do so. But the key factor is that there has to be strong political leadership”

Harsh Mariwala
Chairman, Marico Ltd 

“40 years is too long to predict. I think India will be an economic and social super power in the next 10 to 15 years”

Vikas Oberoi
CMD, Oberoi Realty 

“The sheer size of the Indian market and the rising demand for goods and services across the landscape of the country will certainly fuel growth in the manufacturing and services sector. Once we achieve that balance of a growing market, young talent pool and ease of doing business, I am certain that our entrepreneurial spirit will drive the nation’s economy forward“

Harsh Goenka
Chairman, RPG Enterprises

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