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Air India pilots warn of non-co-operation

December 16, 2022 18:12 IST

Pilots working with Air India have warned of non-co-operation if restoration of pre-Covid overtime allowance is delayed, and if other practices they say are 'discriminatory’ continues.

Air India

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“We cannot assure that our members will undertake flying duties exceeding 70 hours a month.

Any coercive action by the management will lead to industrial action to safeguard flight safety and well-being of our members,” the Indian Commercial Pilots Association and the Indian Pilots Guild said in a joint letter to Air India’s management on Tuesday.


The unions represent pilots from both the narrow-body Airbus and wide-body Boeing fleets.

The unions’ main grouse relates to increased flying duties, leave denials, and refusal to revert to pre-Covid overtime pay among others.

Air India declined to comment on the issue.

“Pilots have flown well over 90 hours at a stretch across all the fleets.

"The number of leave denials and cancellations is staggering.

"We cannot maintain the printed planned roster due to shortage of pilots,” the unions said.

The unions have also objected to the proposed hiring of foreign pilots, offering them better leave benefits, and “secret incentives” being offered to several employees but none of them to non-executive pilots.

“We have aided in bringing Air India to the number one position in the on-time performance (OTP) rankings but is no appreciation by the management,” the unions said, while seeking restoration of pre-Covid overtime allowance.

Aneesh Phadnis in Mumbai
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