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April 24, 2000


Nuclear bomb and economic sanctions: full coverage

US may lift sanctions when PM Vajpayee visits US in Sept or Oct

'US has no time-frame for lifting sanctions against India': Maran

Clinton's visit seen as a precursor to lifting of sanctions

US may further prune entities list

US yanks 51 entities off sanctions list

Clinton lifts sanctions, India welcomes move

'US must stop economic blackmail, suspend sanctions, aid India,' says Sam Brownback

US govt, Congress differ over lifting of sanctions

US Senate passes amendment to ease sanctions

Pallone decries linking Kargil to easing of nuke-related economic sanctions

Brownback says Kargil clashes bely his faith in Indo-Pak friendship, withdraws plan to ease sanctions

Indian hope disappears as US links lifting of sanctions to nuke NPT

Pallone introduces bill to suspend US sanctions

Pallone demands review of unilateral sanctions

Pallone to move bill for suspension of sanctions

Brownback pilots bill in Senate to suspend sanctions for five years

G-8 Tokyo meet to review sanctions and behaviour of India, Pakistan

US Congress likely to enable Clinton to waive sanctions

Clinton eases sanctions on the eve of Sharief's visit

Stock market takes Clinton's sanction for modest rally

Pallone decries blacklist, says US loss will be EU's gain

Waiver nod to Clinton an indicator to lifting of sanctions, says FM

Brownback Amendment passed to empower Clinton on sanctions

US contemplates blacklisting Indian companies as part of sanctions

Pakistan pins hopes on October talks as economic bailout proves elusive

Stricter sanctions will cause payments problems, cautions UNCTAD

Japan's envoy keen on resumption of economic aid to India

US declines to set conditions for lifting of sanctions

'India ought to be world's moral leader, no power can threaten it'

US links lifting of sanctions to non-proliferation

Hegde downplays sanctions, asks Turkey to invest in India

Sanctions will strengthen India, avers FM

US will remain India's business partner, assures official

US foreign policy gurus denounce sanctions as business dips

British companies reaffirm investment plans for nuclear India

World Bank's power sector loans to Pakistan blocked

Hope for crisis-hit US farmers as Pakistan buys 300,000 tonnes of wheat

US senate paves way for waiver of sanctions up to one year

New bill may help Clinton to waive sanctions on India

US senate clears partial lifting of sanctions

Hegde, Sinha to check fall in exports

Avoid confrontation on trade issues, panel tells Govt

Uncertainty over sanctions hits US exports to India and Pak

StanChart survey says rupee will sink further

External borrowing dearer by 75 basis points: report

Two senators ask US to soften sanctions

India will face hard time in attracting foreign capital: Morgan report

CII chief opposes retaliatory measures against US corporations

UP to get $ 130 million WB aid

No cut in budget: WHO

India's FM asks industry to shed Moody's blues

US clears $ 543.2 m World Bank aid to AP

India expects more WB loans

BJP makes no impact on economy

Montek hints at buyback, market-friendly moves

Rangarajan demands new policy on infrastructure projects

11th finance commission cleared

US power major's Indian projects unaffected by sanctions

'The loss of technology and foreign flows to us will be minimal'

PM asks Sinha to arrest slide

US private banks may be banned from lending to Indian and Pakistani governments

Rs 17 billion fled country after BJP took over: Congress

WB extends loan to agri-tech project

BJP looks to Europe to overcome sanction effects

Sanctions will weaken in course of time: Sinha

Coke, Pepsi banned in UP assembly

US banks to continue operating in India

India must opt out of WTO: Thakre

Unilateral sanctions violate international law: experts

Moody's decision will increase cost of foreign borrowing

Mallya buys up American media group

The Budget? Fudge it

Sanctions will not succeed: Hegde

Govt plans interim budget due to sanctions

'Payment crisis, not sanctions, hit Sensex'

Britain not to block investments in India

'Sanctions will not affect all US trade with India but will still hit the prospects of both countries'

US spells out sanctions on India, Pak

Unjustified, counterproductive, says India

Steps taken to protect rupee, PM told

US to spell out sanctions this week

Japan refuses to lift sanctions because of Maruti deal

US keen on imposing sanctions

'Sanctions will affect America more'

US wheat exports to Pak to be exempt from sanctions

Sweeping Pak reforms to counter sanctions

'Impact of US sanctions is unimpressive'

Indian businessmen seek review of sanctions

'US firms face bleak future in India'

Blasts, weak Budget, ratings review make FIIs panic

No country has imposed sanctions to date: Hegde

US won't ask others to slap sanctions on India

World Bank puts off two more loans to India

Pak may declare moratorium on debt repayment

Sanctions may cause increase in child labour

Sanctions won't hit ongoing projects, says Karnataka CM

Business team to lobby for lifting of sanctions

World Bank delays $865 million loan to India

EU to delay loans to India

S&P downgrade hits rupee hard

This government has only given reason for India to be ashamed of itself: Eminent economist Dr K N Raj

Restrict trade to counter sanctions, says swadeshi brigade

Top US banks join hands to fight sanctions against India

Pak faces greater threat from poor economy: army chief

India friend Pallone opposes bid to end MFN status

US yet to draft law on sanctions; bankers, exporters worried

RBI move brings down CRR rate

Investors agitate against plantation companies

Sanctions have not affected AP: Naidu

IMC writes to counterparts against sanctions

Japanese banks choke lines of credit

Sanctions may hit economy: CRISIL

Sanctions will not hit Boeing sales, clarifies Keskar

US congressman wants India to be stripped of most-favoured-nation trade status

Power sector confused as minister, PM's aide make contradictory statements

Kerala reels under impact of sanctions

Hegde leads panel to WTO meet

Pak N-blast may blow up economy

'Despite sanctions, growth at 6%'

US multinationals will be hit by sanctions

US clears software to Indian 'missile' firm

Sanctions will hit US firms harder

Pokhran tremors shake capital markets

Sensex crashes due to sanctions

Sanctions get 'saffron' whitewash!

Sanctions force reworking of Union budget

Sanctions won't affect India: Jardine Fleming

The projects India stands to lose because of sanctions...

Hectic lobbying on to save Indo-US trade from the shadow of sanctions

$ 8.1 billion loan will not be affected: World Bank

Liberalise or perish!

Swraj Paul promises backing of NRIs to tackle sanctions

US export finance approvals to India halted

SEBI sends red alert to all exchanges

US will lose much more: Hegde

Power projects won't be affected: Minister

Expert blasts India for 'slow' reforms

Sanctions may not affect the rupee

'Latin America will bail India out'

The FAQ of US sanctions

BJP cares two hoots for US aid

India, US firms will have 'rough time' if sanctions are multilateral

Fear over the markets

Too early to gauge effects of sanctions: Swraj Paul

Nuclear blasts rattle markets

FIIs watching situation

'The West cannot ignore the fact that India is a large market'