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The Making of Jana Gana Mana
Bharat Bala and Kanika Myer have made patriotism popular again among today's generation.

Along with Bharat's childhood friend, celebrated composer A R Rahman, the husband-wife duo have produced the successful Vande Mataram album, repeating it with Vande Mataram-II which involved the incomparable voice of Lata Mangeshkar. Last year, they created the Desh Ka Salaam series.

This time Bharat and Kanika have taken it upon themselves to promote Jana Gana Mana. Their latest album features 35 renditions of the National Anthem by some of India's greatest musicians. spoke to the couple about this ambitious project and their ceaseless mission to take India, its culture and heritage to every corner of the world.


The Jana Gana Mana video
Music For the Heart and Soul

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 Video interview
The origin of the Jana Gana Mana album
On the album being released by the President
On working with the Maestros
On their 'Vision' for the entire series
On why each artiste rendered an individual version of the National Anthem
On celebrating patriotism
Memorable experiences making the album
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