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The Rediff Special

India needs a combination of youth and experience: Sir Richard

April 30, 2007

Chat transcript of Sir Richard Hadlee chat on April 28:

subbarayudu asked, Hello sir...this is aditya...ild like to know if the lankans have a chance of beating the aussies sure that the lankan bowlers will test the aussies but arent the aussies too good for the lankans
Sir Richard Hadlee answers, There is only a small chance of Sri Lanka winning tonight.

Asim asked, Dear Sir Richard, Greetings. I wish to know Why NewZealand failed to produce class batsman like Martin Crowe ?
Sir Richard Hadlee answers, Crowe was a world class player. He was naturally talented. Sometimes it takes a long time for players to mature and fullfil their potential. I am sure that NZ will produce some world class players in future.

divakar asked, who is going to best bowler and best batsmen in this world cup ? in my view glen Mcgrath and mathew hayden
Sir Richard Hadlee answers, I agree. They both had a tremendous world cup.

bhasvij asked, sir Richard hadlee, after you only McGrath has shown line and length bowling. Do you agree?
Sir Richard Hadlee answers, I think Shaun Pollock has been a very good line and length bowler as well. Vaas has been pretty good as well.

panditji asked, Hello Sir Richard, Of the 4 great all rounders of 80's, yourself, Kapil, Imran and Botham, how do you rank them against each other. Thanks in Advance.
Sir Richard Hadlee answers, Imran,Botham, Kapil and myself. I think I was a better bowler though!

rajeev_r asked, I've never seen a better inswinger delievery from anyone else than you
Sir Richard Hadlee answers, I predominantly bowled outswingers.

pankaj asked, Hi Hadlee what about u r opinion which team is best today.
Sir Richard Hadlee answers, Australia.

Gagan Mondhe asked, Hello Hadlee, dont you think this is going to be one- sided match
Sir Richard Hadlee answers, Probably. All but four games in the whole tournament have been one sided.

syed asked, sir, what are ur veiws abt Indian cricket. What cud be the probable causes for its downfall. How it can be improved.
Sir Richard Hadlee answers, Positive changes are being made at present. No doubt we will see some better results in the future.

Sir Richard Hadlee answers, Australia.

ryanm asked, Sir Hadlee, do you think that Aus N Nz missed an oppurtunity to host the next WC
Sir Richard Hadlee answers, We presented an outstanding case to the ICC but there appears to have been a trade off by giving us 2015 world cup if India has 2011 world cup.

cravi asked, Dear Sir NZ failed to reach beyond semi 5 times why? Where they lack having reached that far.
Sir Richard Hadlee answers, Don't really know. Perhaps it was mental. Every one needs to perform under pressure and maximise their skills but it was left wanting yet again.

Ashwin asked, Hello sir, I think in the team of srilanka sanath jaisurya has a capability to win the world cup. What do u think.....?
Sir Richard Hadlee answers, He has a very average record against Australia. If he can score some big runs this time it will help Sri Lanka's cause.

Anand asked, Dear Richard, This is Anand here India. I would like to ask you a question. In current Newzealand team, except Shane Bond no one has been a real threat for the strong opposition teams. When Bond is not there in the team, Newzealand lose their morale and they lose easily. I think that there is overdependence on Shane Bond. What do you think about it?
Sir Richard Hadlee answers, He is a key player-when he plays we have a better chance of winning. We would like to have another bowler like him and that would make NZ a more formidable side.

ganesh asked, Hello Sir,Very serious question, How important is football in Cricket,LOL. My question is Fitness a match winning factor in ODI's and why are Indians least fit players in cricket world,is it beacuse they are lazy ones.
Sir Richard Hadlee answers, Fitness is hugely important in any physical sport. Without it you get tired too quickly, injury risk is higher and it is harder to repeat the necessary skill level required.

flame asked, How is James Hadlee?
Sir Richard Hadlee answers, He is very well thank you. He is my brother's son.

santosh asked, cricketer should increase their retairment age up to 45. because person can fit to play for long time.
Sir Richard Hadlee answers, In old days some players played longer than that. They played till 50. These days mid 30's is about time for retirement. It is an individual thing. With the kind of cricket that is being played today it is very hard on the body.

Jogi asked, Hi Sir Richard, Aussie are Awesome in this World Cup, What do you think It will be difficult for Sri Lanka to stop.
Sir Richard Hadlee answers, I agree.

NAGARAJAN asked, What is your opinion about this Super eight and semifinal of this world cup? because we can not say all the teams are played with the entire other teams. is it so? is it correct? please reply
Sir Richard Hadlee answers, All the teams who qualified for the super eights have in fact played each other in the tournament which includes the preliminary rounds. That makes it a fair competition.

Sudip asked, Good evening, Sir. This is sudip from Sydney. Whom do u think as favourite to win in the final?
Sir Richard Hadlee answers, Australia.

prasad asked, Sir, if you were in Sachin Tendulkar's shoes, what would you do at this moment of time? 18 years of international cricket, host of centuries and awards.....what would the road ahead be?>
Sir Richard Hadlee answers, Keep playing if I am still enjoying it.

vaibhavagarwal asked, Sir good afternoon as per IST, Could you tell me what strength according to you does Sri Lanka hold if they want to beat the living hell out of the Aussies?
Sir Richard Hadlee answers, Jayasuriya 100,Tharanga 25,Sangakkara 60, Jayawardene 75,and atleast 25 from the rest gives SL a score of 285. Vaas and Murali three wickets each before Australia gets to 200 and Malinga gets 4 wickets before Aussies reach 250. Good luck.

Raveendra asked, Hadlee Sir, Whats your opinion about Pakistan team future performance
Sir Richard Hadlee answers, They have some very talented players that need some direction at present. So their next coach has a big task in uniting this team and get them to fulfill their playing abilities.

dudemumbai asked, Dear Richard, I feel as a sport cricket teaches an individual (as a spectator or a player in whatever level ) a lots of things. What do you think are those things that cricket has taught u to make you a better individual?
Sir Richard Hadlee answers, It has taught me patience, to respect other people, to recognise other people's achievements, to be grateful for the opportunities that sport has given me, that to win you have to lose and so you must be gracious in defeat.

Rajesh asked, Dear Richard..Even after some Fantastic performance given by srilanka in thsi world still believe this match will be onesided..can you tell em the reason other than australia won 28 matches on a row
Sir Richard Hadlee answers, It is likely to be one sides in Australia's favour. Over the last ten years Australia have a proud and successful record and have set the bench mark for others to follow. If they lose the odd game from time to time they bounce back quickly.

radi asked, Hi Sir, I found technical flaws in Sachin' batiing, he is not moving his right leg, he is not looking bowlers hand at the time Delivery, he is not moving behind the line of delivery, his bat lift is slow and he is moving slow. Then he is trying to very defensive gane which is not his real game, what are your analysis of his batting technique.
Sir Richard Hadlee answers, I would assume that if you bowled to him you would get him out very quickly. For many years bowlers have failed to do that!

Jo asked, Do u think that Stephen Fleming's decision to step down as captian is a right one?
Sir Richard Hadlee answers, Yes. It is time to forward plan to 2011 world cup.

MUNNAWAR asked, Hello sir could tell me whats gone wrong with irfan pathan ? why cant india produce faster blower like lee,malinga or aktar
Sir Richard Hadlee answers, I don't know what his problem is.

vikas asked, Dear Sir, Please tell me who could be a Dangerous batsmen against Aussies from your point of view?
Sir Richard Hadlee answers, Jayasuriya because of his explosiveness and his unpredictbility. He needs to surive McGrath's opening spell because he has better of Jayasuriya.

Rams asked, I like to see our Sir's face after Muralidharan sends Australia packing
Sir Richard Hadlee answers, I think many people would like to see SL win including me. But the reality is that Australia has proved to be unbeatable in this tournament todate.

sandeepsangwar asked, Hi I am a Kiwi Indian and living Mt Eden Auckland, just want to ask you in the current situation what is the best combination for indian cricket, Do they really need youngsters or can the oldies will bounced back
Sir Richard Hadlee answers, They need a combination of both for the future.

amarpurohit85 asked, Hello Sir, U r very much attached with Indian pace bowling, and u know the conditions in this country, why institutes like MRF pace foundation is not able to produce a speedster ??????
Sir Richard Hadlee answers, I am not involved with any bowlers here in India.

imran5002 asked, Sir why Mcgrath is the top contender for the Player of the Tournament title and Murlitharan is in not top Five Though He got just 2 wickets less than Mcgrath in the world cup so far,but having much economical run rate per over than Mcgrath.Thank you,imran,Kolkata
Sir Richard Hadlee answers, The player of the tournament is judged by accumulating points based on performance in matches played. Currently McGrath heads the list and almost looks unbeatable.

Sachin Tendulkar asked, Hi This is Sachin...Dont even dare to bowl your swingers to me...I will smash you for a six...
Sir Richard Hadlee answers, You probably could because I am 55 years old.

rajblore asked, Hello Sir do u think the spin wizards of lanka can bundle the aussie ??
Sir Richard Hadlee answers, Yes, they can.

kumar asked, f*** u get out Richard Hadlee INDIA is Great
Sir Richard Hadlee answers, Okay.

Sir Richard Hadlee says, This is time for me to say good bye. Thank you for your questions and comments. Perhaps one day we will do this again. Best wishes. Richard

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