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   Complete Coverage >> The UK Riots

August 10, 2001
Janmashtami to be low key affair in Bradford

A Hindu community leader in the racially troubled city of Bradford said weekend celebrations of Janmashtami would be scaled down to avoid intimidation from local Muslim gangs.

July 12, 2001
Asian businessmen apologise for Bradford riots

They released a full-page advertisement in a local Bradford newspaper offering 'sincere sympathies' to those affected by the violence.

July 11, 2001
UK government to probe race riots

Warning against 'wanton destruction and violence', Home Secretary David Blunkett said police forces were already receiving guidance on dealing with the disorder.

July 9, 2001
Unemployed Asian serves as a beacon in troubled Bradford

Tariq Mahmood, 29, gave up their bed for a frightened pensioner and looked after six others by making them tea and snacks as racial battles raged outside their homes in Manningham.

July 8, 2001
Police appeal for calm in Bradford

The Bradford police chief on Sunday asked local families to stay off the streets in a bid to prevent the recurrence of communal violence that has so far led to injuries to 120 police officials, two civilian stabbings and 36 arrests.

July 7, 2001
Fresh race riots in Bradford

On Saturday night at least two men were stabbed and five arrested amid tension resulting from a planned rally by the racist National Front.

July 4, 2001
Racist march in Bradford banned

Home Secretary David Blunkett agreed to ban the National Front from marching through the city where 80,000 residents are of South Asian origin. But there are fears that the NF may defy the ban.

July 1, 2001
Racist firebugs target Asians in London

Houses and cars are being deliberately set on fire across London and many of the victims are the minorities, a new study shows.

June 30, 2001
UK Asian Family, Grocer Firebombed

The family from Accrington in Lancashire is believed to be of Pakistani origin. Police said the seven members were lucky to escape with their lives after their home went up in flames early on Saturday.

June 29, 2001
UK police investigate petrol bomb attacks

The latest attacks in Lancashire county follow recent race riots in the nearby towns of Burnley, Oldham, Leeds and Bradford.

June 26, 2001
Burnley deputy mayor's son, 20 others arrested

Tension remains high in the town where police are maintaining a strong presence on the streets. Meanwhile, community leaders have agreed to set up a task force to address the problems in the town.

June 25, 2001
Racial clashes in UK town

An alleged hammer attack by a gang of white men on an Asian taxi driver in the town last Saturday was being blamed for the trouble.
Burnley witnesses racial clashes
An alleged hammer attack by a gang of white men on an Asian taxi driver in the town on Saturday is being blamed for the trouble.

June 15, 2001
Police see politics in Oldham riots

Senior officers forecast a long, hot summer. And renowned TV producer and critic Farouk Dhondy warns that disaffected British Muslims could be pushed into the arms of Islamic fundamentalists.

June 13, 2001
Communal tension grows in Bradford

The latest differences between Hindus and Muslims have surfaced in the wake of serious race conflict between whites and Asians in nearby Oldham and Leeds.

June 11, 2001
Fresh trouble in Oldham

Vandals went on the rampage at a cemetery, damaging headstones and daubing them with graffiti last Friday.

June 9, 2001
Racist party wins 'war' in Oldham

The British National Party may have lost the battle for a seat in parliament, but it secured its highest number of votes in a parliamentary election.

June 6, 2001
Police clash with Asian youth in UK

It is believed that the trouble was prompted by the arrest of a local man two days ago.

May 29, 2001
Riots in Aylesbury too

Close on the heels of riots in Oldham, near Manchester, a battle between Asian youths and skinheads in the town of Aylesbury ended in gunshots, witnesses have claimed.

Another 21 held in Oldham
The youths were arrested in racially troubled Oldham, where police blamed far right groups from the racist National Front and British National Party for three days of riots, in which gangs of Asians and whites fought pitched battles on the streets of the town.

May 28, 2001
Oldham race riot continues for second day

Though the tension seemed to die down on Sunday morning, more trouble loomed when 50 white men marched through a predominantly Asian suburb shouting abuse and spraying onlookers with beer.

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