A coach of the Patiala State Mono Rail

In 1907 the first section of an unusual train connecting Bassi with Sirhind started in Patiala. Colonel Bowles who designed this became the state engineer and laid the Patiala state monorail trainways 50 miles in length from Sirhind to Alampura and Patiala to Bhavanigarh. The track was a single rail along one side of the road. One this ran the load carrying wheel of the train while a larger single wheel at the end of the outrigger ran on the road to keep the train upright. Originally these trains were pulled by mules to make use of the more than 500 mules maintained by the state army. In 1909 Orenstein & Koppel of Berlin supplied four unique locomotives for this system. On account of tough competition from other modes of transport and difficulties faced in maintenance this was gradually abandoned and closed in 1927.