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    The Konkan Railway now runs from Bombay as far south as Sawantwadi, a picturesque border town on the Maharashtra-Goa border. And from Pernem in North Goa to Mangalore in Karnataka. However, while the link is operational, it is still not possible to travel directly from Pernem to Mangalore. Trains from Pernem run only up to Karwar.

    Thus except for a short stretch between Pernem and the Maharshtra border, the line is nearly fully operational. The entire line is expected to be up and running by the end of October.

    The trains from Bombay to Sawantwadi will operate at the following timings:

    • The KR 0111, Sawantwadi Express departs from Victoria Terminus, Bombay at 2230 hours and arrives in Dadar at 2250 hours. The train departs from Dadar at 2305 hours and arrives in Thane at 2340 hours. It leaves Thane at 2343 hours and arrives in Panvel at 0030 hours. It departs Panvel at 0035 hours and arrives in Sawantwadi at 0850 hours.

    • The KR 0112 Up departs from Sawantwadi at 1955 hours and arrives in Panvel at 0428 hours. It departs from Panvel at 0433 hours and arrives in Thane at 0515 hours. The train then departs from Thane at 0518 hours and arrives in Dadar at 0610 hours. It departs form Dadar at 0615 hours and arrives at Victoria Terminus, Bombay at 0635 hours.

    The train from Pernem to Karwar, KAP 1 Dn departs from Pernem at 1725 hours and arrives in Karwar at 2040 hours, daily.

    The Konkan Railways has also introduced the Margao-Mangalore Express. There are two trains which will operate from Margao to Mangalore.

    • KR 0021, will depart from Margao from 0820 hours and arrives in Mangalore at 1410 hours.
    • KR 1 Dn, will depart from Margao at 1410 hours and arrives in Mangalore at 2100 hours.

    To cope with increasing Goa-bound rail traffic, the Konkan Railway Corporation has attached an extra sleeper on its KR 0112UP as well as its 0111DN that connects Kurla Terminus, Bombay, with Sawantwadi station. Thus now 432 berths, instead of 360 berths, in the sleeper class will be available for Sawantwadi-bound travellers.

    Sawantwadi, Maharashtra is hardly 90 minutes away from Mapusa, Goa by road and there are up and running bus services between Sawantwadi and Panaji by Kadamba Transport Services and the State Road Transport Corporation.

    Fares: Rs 178 for a second class sleeper ticket and Rs 779 for a sleeper in an air-conditioned coach (not available on all days).

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