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Travel and Tourism Fair in Calcutta

Netaji Indoor Stadium, Calcutta, hosts The Travel and Tourism Fair, organised by Fairfest Media, from August 4 to August 8.

Participants from the department of tourism of 25 states from across the country as well Thailand, Malaysia, Dubai, Bangladesh and Singapore will set up their stalls. Travel agencies too will set up stalls selling hotel packages and discounted air fares. An added attraction will be Food Plaza, a Thai food stall.

The fair will remain open from 1030 hours to 1930 hours.

Open from 1030 hours to 1230 hours for business visitors. The entry fee will be Rs 50 per head.
Open from 1230 hours to 1930 hours for general visitors. The entry fees will be Rs 25 per head.

The fair will be held in Madras from August 10 to August 12 and in Bangalore from August 17 to August 19.

Netaji Indoor Stadium, near the Calcutta High Court, Calcutta. Phones: 033-4240320, 4248127, 4248128. Fax: 033-4133759. Email: Fairfest Media
Raja Muthiah Rani Meyemmayee Auditorium, Marshall road, Egmore, Madras. Phone: 044-4992055.
Kanteerava Stadium, opposite Pallavi Theatre, Bangalore. Phone: 080-6514197.

A Super alley

A new bowling alley, the Superdrome, has opened in Tardeo, Bombay. The two-level centre is spread across 10,000 square feet and has a four-lane bowling centre, a pool room with eight tables, a video arcade, a giant television screen. Situated on its premises, next to the bowling lanes is the Cantorian, a snack bar (four tables) serving Oriental cuisine.

The bowling rates:

The pool rates: Rs 100 per frame.

The alley and centre is open daily from 1200 hours to 2400 hours.

Superdrome, Film Centre Building, Tardeo. Phone: 022-4912313.

More alleys

A new bowling alley, The Bowling Company, has opened in Lower Parel, Bombay. The 30,000 square foot complex will accommodate a 20 lane bowling centre, a pool room with six tables, a sports bar, a video arcade, jazz cafe, a food court and a child care centre. The food court, child care centre, video arcade and jazz cafe are not open yet. Touted to be one of the largest alleys in Asia, The Bowling Company has been fitted out with equipment from AMF Bowling Inc, USA.

The video arcade will be equipped with games like Aqua Jet, Gun Blade, Out Runners, Daytona USA, air hockey, football tables.

The bowling rates:

The pool rates: Rs 50 per frame.

The alley and centre is open daily from 1200 hours to 2400 hours.

The Bowling Company, Phoenix Mills Compound, 462 Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel. Phones: 022-4915675, 4915677.


Water parks are steadily becoming a popular Indian way to cool off. Addresses to have a splash:


Go karting is becoming a popular sport in India. Seven tracks are open in New Delhi, Chandigarh, Bombay and Pune. Racing tracks are said to be coming up in Lucknow, Mahabaleshwar, Ahmedabad and Indore.

Says a go karting track owner, Surendra Hiranandani, "Indians like it. Baseball may not catch on in India. But go karting has."

Go karting, which has become trendy the world over, usually attracts racing enthusiasts keen on graduating to as big dreams as Formula racing.

Places to try your hand at go kart racing:

New Delhi

  • Fun 'n' Fair, A-38 Mohan Co-op Industrial Estate, Mathura road. Phones: 011-6959563, 6959721, 6959591. Fax: 011-3315676, 6959665.

    Charges: Rs 100 for eight laps on weekdays.
    Rs 50 for six laps on weekends.

    Length of track: Less than 1/2 km of track

    Number of cars: 10 cars

    Open from 0100 hours to 0130 hours.

    Type of car: Scorpion

  • Future Zone Wizcraft, 32nd Milestone, the Delhi-Jaipur Bypass, Gurgaon, tel # 0124-332571, 332512, 332514.

    Charges: Rs 100 for six laps on weekdays or weekends.

    Length of track: 400m

    Number of cars: 8 cars

    Open from 1100 hours to 2300 hours.

    Type of car: Mobile

  • Destination Point, Delhi-Mathura Highway , near the check point and opposite the Nirula sign, Faridabad Tel # 0129-274602, 274602

    Charges: Rs 100 for six laps on weekdays or weekends.
    Rs 120 for eight laps on weekdays or weekends.
    Rs 180 for fifteen laps on weekdays or weekends.

    Length of track: 320m

    Number of cars: 10 cars

    Open from 1200 hours to 2200 hours.

    Type of car: Scorpion


  • Albert Ross Racing, 41/8 Milestone, Ambala-Chandigarh highway, Zikrakpur.

    Charges: Rs 50 for three laps on weekdays or weekends.
    Rs 100 for eight laps on weekdays or weekends.
    Rs 150 for fifteen laps on weekdays or weekends.

    Length of track: 350m

    Number of cars: 15 cars

    Open from 1500 hours to 2200 hours.

    Type of car: Scorpion


  • Manas Holiday resorts, Bhugaon, Pune-Pirgangut road. Phone: 020-627071.

    Charges: Rs 50 for three laps on weekdays or weekends.
    Rs 125 to Rs 200 for five laps on weekdays and weekends.

    Length of track: 400m

    Number of cars: 10 cars

    Open from 1600 hours to 2300 hours.

  • First Track, 92, Koregaon Park, Mundhwa, Pune. Phone: 020-611402


  • Hakone Go Karting, 135/138 Galleria, Hiranandani Gardens. Phones: 022-5797393, 5797000.

    Charges: Rs 90 for four laps on weekdays.
    Rs 100 for four laps on weekends.

    Length of track: 450m

    Number of cars: 18 cars

    Open from 1600 hours to 2300 hours.

The Bombay Wall

Hakone Family Entertainment at Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Bombay offers rock climbing.

Amateur climbers can experience the thrill of rock climbing by attempting the 11 metre high climbing wall -- located in the heart of Bombay -- constructed with ferro-cement technology to closely resemble a real rock surface.

The wall will be open from 1600 hours to 2300 hours, daily. The charges: Rs 40 for 15 minutes on weekdays and Rs 50 for 15 minutes on weekends and holidays.

Hakone Entertainment Centre, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai. Phones: 022-5797393, 5797373, 5797000.

Have a ball. Play ball. Play pool.

Are you looking to play a game of pool? In Bombay pool rates are Rs 50-60 per frame or Rs 250-350 per hour. Most pool places are open nearly around the clock; right from 0900 hours to 0200 hours and usually are equipped with anywhere from two tables to eight. Many places serve snacks and more often than not no booze. Some addresses:

Floating in space

How about spending a long weekend para-gliding?

Nirvana Adventures offers 10 minute rides with a pilot para-glider for Rs 1,500,at their facility in Kamshet, 15 km near Lonavla, one hour out of Bombay. They also offer a five day course on para-gliding for Rs 12,500 for a five days with meals and lodging at a resort nearby. During the five day course one would have a chance to learn solo flying and an opportunity to make six solo flights. On completion of the course one would be eligible for a student license.

For bookings contact:
Nirvana Adventures, 2-A,Takshashila Apts, Tagore road, Santa Cruz West, Bombay 400054. Phones: 022-6493110,6053724. Fax: 022-6493110. Email :
Nirvana Adventures Or in Kamshet: 02114-62367, 62436.

There are now several locations in India where one can enjoy para-gliding. Check these out:

  • Garuda Aero-Sport, 631/A, Hyder Ali road, Nazarbad, Mysore, 570010. Phones: 0821-449018. fax: 0821-420600, 421169.
  • The Western Paragliding Association, 14 Percy, I C Colony, Borivali West, Bombay. Phone: 022-8934803. Email: Western Paragliding
  • Government Gliding Centre, Hadaspur, Pune. Phones: 0212-672048, 676012.
  • Wanderlust Camps and Resorts, M 51-52, Pallika Bhawan, opposite Hyatt Regency, New Delhi. Phones: 011-6875200, 602180, 6881206, 6111889.
  • Baroda Aerosports Club, Adarsh Race Course Circle, Baroda 390007. Phone: 0265-331894, 324137.
  • Nirvana Travels, Circuit House road, Manali, Himachal Pradesh. Phone: 01902-53222.
  • Deolali Gliding Club, Artillery Centre, Nashik road, Nashik.

Just for kids

There are a few addresses in Bombay to head for on Sunday if you want to give your child a good day out:

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