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9 Kitchen Hacks for Healthy Eating

Last updated on: April 18, 2016 12:07 IST

Today is World Health Day. Let’s take a pledge to eat healthy. Don’t know where to start? All you need to do is make simple changes to your food habits by adding a few kitchen tools.

Here are the 11 kitchen hacks for healthy eating –

#1 Vegetable Peeler - Add salads to your diet

Vegetable peeler

Buy Vegetable Peelers Under Rs 500

Take the first step towards healthy eating by including a bowl of salad prior to your meal. Slice and julienne (cut in to really thin strips) the vegetables super quick with this really smart peeler. Cutting veggies may be really mundane job in the kitchen. This peeler makes peeling veggies real easy. 

#2 Fruit Juicer - Say no to colas and other soft drinks

Fruit Juicer

Buy Fruit Juicer @ Rs 349

Be it breakfast or getting back home after a tiring day, choose fruit juices over colas, aerated drinks to stay healthy. When it comes to juices, avoid those fruit juices available in the market as they are loaded with added preservatives. This juicer lets you enjoy a glass of home made fresh fruit juice whenever you feel thirsty.

#3 Measuring Cups/Spoons & Oil Dispenser - Starving is not the solution, eating in the right quantity is


Buy Measuring Cups & Spoons @ Rs 197    

Buy Oil Dispenser @ Rs 499

The measuring cups and spoons are perfect tools for calorie conscious people. They help in creating a proper mix of carbohydrates, proteins and more. Measure your breakfast i.e. cereals, cornflakes etc and the amount of oil intake in all your meals throughout the day with these measuring cups and spoons for healthy eating.

Whether it is cooking oil or vinegar, this oil dispenser allows you to pour it in the right quantity

#4 Beater - - Include soups in your meal plan to enhance its nutritional value


 Buy Executive Beater @ Rs 130

A bowl of soup prior to your meal prevents over eating. This will also help you to keep the calories away. Use this blender for making a different soup everyday without much hard work.

#5 Salad Lunch Box -Carry your salad wherever you go

Lunch box

Buy Varmora Lunch Box @ Rs 316

Whether you are going to work or on a day trip, carry your salad along with you. This salad lunchbox lets you enjoy your favourite salads on the go.

#6 Herb Mill Chopper - Herbs make your meal tastier and healthier

Herb Mill Chopper

Buy Herb Mill Chopper @ Rs 399

Fresh herbs don’t just add flavour to your food but are also rich in nutrients which make your meal healthy. This herb grinder is the simplest way to add herbs to your meal. The Easy Healing Herb Mill makes mincing fresh herbs a breeze. This herb mill chopper lets you add cilantro, ginger, garlic, olives and cumin seeds with utmost ease.

#7 Egg Separator – Makes eggs healthy

Egg white separator

Buy Egg Separator (Set of 2) @ Rs 249

Egg yolk contain most calories, cholesterol and fats whereas the egg whites are completely opposite – cholesterol free, fat free and really low on calories. This egg separator separates the egg whites from the egg yolk without making things messy.

#8 Non Stick Frying Pan – Less oil means a healthier meal

Frying Pan

Buy Non Stick Frying Pan @ Rs 229

This frying pan is made of specialised non stick coating which lets you cook even with less oil.

#9 Air Fryer – Your favourite dishes are now oil free and guilt free!

Air Fryer

Buy HomePro Air Fryer @ Rs 4999

The name is Air Fryer but it also allows you to bake, grill and roast your favourite foods. This Air Fryer lets you enjoy your favourite dish with just 1 tablespoon of cooking oil. Even without oil, the Air Fryer makes sure the dish is properly cooked, thanks to its Rapid Air technology which evenly distributes heat in the entire unit heating up to 390 degrees.



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