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Top 7 Ideas for Decorating Your House This Festive Season

October 24, 2016 17:14 IST

Diwali is one of the most vibrant festivals of our country. People look forward to celebrate Diwali with great zeal and enthusiasm. People perform a puja at home, burst crackers, prepare delicious sweets & home cooked food and spend a great time with their friends and family all through the occasion.

Along with cleaning your house for Diwali, here are 7 ideas to spruce up your home decor for the festive season -

#1 Traditional carpet


Buy Traditional Carpets Under Rs 350

A carpet or a rug is one of the most vital elements of your home decor. A beautiful carpet brightens up a room and adds depth to it along with other furniture pieces. Make sure you choose a carpet of a softer shade that accentuates a particular piece of furniture. You can experiment with the colour and pattern of the carpet if you want to highlight it as a decor item.

#2 Trendy Wall clock

Wall clocks

Buy Wall Clocks Under Rs 400

Think beyond the conventional shapes like circles and squares. You can choose from this range of trendy wall clocks and add a style quotient to your wall. Make sure the colour of your wall on which you place the clock is subtle and sober. Let the wall clock alone be the center of attraction.

#3 Lighting ideas

Lighting ideas

Buy LED Bulb Combos / LED Night Lamp Under Rs 450

Think beyond those colourful Diwali bulbs this Diwali. Switch to LED bulbs instead of the regular incandescent ones as they save energy and do not produce heat. Along with the regular bulbs, you can opt for this mushroom shaped LED night lamp to enhance the decor of your house. Simply plug it into the socket to brighten up your interiors.

#4 Cushion Covers

Cushion covers

Buy Cushion Covers Under Rs 700

Looking to add the festive look to your home? Play with bold colours to compliment the festive spirit. These cushion covers are ideal to brighten up your living space this Diwali. Choose bold coloured cushion covers with an otherwise subtle room to blend it the right way.

#5 Bed-Sheets

Bed sheets

Buy Bed-sheets / Bed-sheet Combos Under Rs 600

When it comes to decorating your house for the festive season, take all the rooms of your house into consideration and not just your living room. Invest in a couple of nice bed-sheets to bring in the festive season. Pick a colour that enhances the look of your bedroom without taking away the calmness you need.

#6 Wall Racks

Wall racks

Buy Wooden Wall Racks Under Rs 850

An empty wall can really make a room look dull. Think of a great decor idea for those plain walls along with the rest of the house. Running out of ideas? Let us help! These wooden wall racks solve the dual purpose of making your wall look stylish and acommodating a couple of decor pieces to further enhance the look.

#7 Shoe Rack

Shoe racks

Buy Shoe Racks Starting @ Rs 299 

You have no idea how a wall rack can keep your entrance clean and organized. The best part of a wall rack is that it can accommodate a lot of pairs without making your entrance messy and dirty.



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