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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » Moved in to a New House? 7 Things You Need to Set Up Your Kitchen

Moved in to a New House? 7 Things You Need to Set Up Your Kitchen

May 24, 2016 17:29 IST

#1 A gas stove for everyday cooking. The marble finish of this three burner gas stove looks stylish and will compliment the contemporary look of your kitchen. It is ideal for nuclear families.  

Burner gas stove

Buy 3 Burner Gas Stove with Marble Finish @ Rs 1699

#2 Switch to non stick cookware when you are in the mood to make idlis, dosas, egg & fish recipes or any cheese stuffed delicacies over the weekends. The non stick surface makes it easy for you to cook these dishes as the coating prevents sticking. 

Kadhai set

Buy Non Stick Kadhai and Tadka Kadhai Pan @ Rs 289

#3 Turn to your microwave oven when you wish to relish something quickly. Cook and serve piping hot upma, halwa, dhokla or any type of rice in this microwave safe cookware.  

Cookware Utility Combo

Buy Microwave Cookware Utility Combo (3 Pcs Set) @ Rs 699

#4 Is your child a picky eater? These cartoon shaped frying pans could help! Try making sunny-side-up eggs in one of these pans and serve it to them. Don't forget to record their priceless response.  

Cartoon Shaped Frying Pan

Buy Non Stick Cartoon Shaped Mini Frying Pan @ Rs 200

#5 Your main course is incomplete without a pressure cooker! It is a quintessential appliance in every kitchen. Be it chole, dal tadka or rice, a pressure cooker is a must-have! 

Pressure Cooker

Buy Pristine Hard Anodised Aluminium 3L Pressure Cooker @ Rs 1219

#6 A kadhai set for all your scrumptious gravies and curries. The kadhai set is available in three sizes and colours. You can choose based on the number of people or the quantity of the dish.

Handi set

Buy Antique Handi Set (Set of 3) @ Rs 699

#7 And a waterproof apron for someone who cooks so many dishes. 

Kitchen Apron

Buy Waterproof Universal Size Kitchen Apron @ Rs 164



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